A Booster Seat Already?


#1’s 5-point harness carseat goes up to 60lbs.  We are no where close to that point.  But, she seems huge in it.  I’m certain she will reach the maximum height way before the weight.

So, it was time to get a booster seat.  Of course, it had to have a back on it because she is not yet 40lbs, nor is she 4 years old.  It also needed to be easy for her to get in and out of; so pivoting arms were quite important.  We decided on the Evenflo Big Kid Booster Seat.

It took about 3 minutes to take out of the box and go from the 5 pieces on the left, to the completely put together seat on the right.

seat in three pieces

seat in one piece

I put it together during naptime, and as soon as she woke up, #1 saw it, knew what it was, and had to take it for a test ride.  She was so happy with her new “big girl seat.”

oldest in booster seat  

Since it only works with the seatbelt, it is super easy to install, too.

I think she loves it.

booster in car

I was worried about her not liking the fact that this booster rides lower than her carseat, but she had no problems still seeing out of the car.

The cup holders on either side were a huge hit, too.  She doesn’t have that on her 5-point harness carseat, so she really felt like a big girl. 

We have this booster seat installed in Mr. Serious’ car which isn’t the first choice for family travel (it’s a Mazda Protege 5…so, it’s tiny).  However, she now wants to only ride in that car because of the big girl seat.  She is very comfortable in it and it seems to “fit” her very well. 

booster in car smiles and snacks

Most of the time, she still uses her carseat, and we will probably switch to full time use of the booster seat once she starts pre-K next year.

**This is our experience with this booster seat in our car.  Booster seats and car seats fit differently in different cars, so please take that into consideration when buying your seats.

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  1. Wow a booster seat already. I have thought that I should put the boys into one also, thier 5 point goes up to 60 pounds also, but I didn't know there was a hieght limit on it…where do I find that kind of info, do you know? I was hoping that they would stay in the 5 point for a while so I didn't have to go out and buy another (2) seats! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Yikes! We also have one that goes up to 60 lbs, she is barely 29 lbs., so I hope to keep it for awhile longer. She has noticed that some of her friends have boosters and I just ignore it 🙂

  3. Yay for a new seat! I'm still in love with her hair. She looks like she has TONS of personality!

  4. I have this seat for my 6 year old.I love it, she loves having 2 cup holders!

  5. Connor has this seat in my parents car! He loves it! Keeps asking when we can get on for our car even though he already has a Graco one in our car! Go figure!!! She looks so super big, but happy in her seat!! They grow so fast don't they??

  6. I totally blanked out on the fact that there was a transitional phase between car seat to regular seat. It must not have lasted long for us or something.

    She looks so cute sittin' there!

  7. She looks so happy! I just moved my almost-4 year-old to a booster. His car seat goes up to 65 pounds, but it just seems easier to have him in the booster.

    They are big kids now!

  8. Our Britax 5-point is a monster, and Julia used it until Christmas of this year (5 years 8 months), and then she got a Booster. I bought the one by Sunshine kids because it latches into your car….something to check into!)
    She looks pretty cute & big in that seat!

  9. Karys loves her booster seats too. We ended up getting one for each car because the cost was great and she loved it. And it takes up so much LESS room 🙂

  10. Oh, I know what you mean!…TigerBoy is never going to max out the weight, but only the height! I can hardly believe they've gotten so big!

    I thought the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 was at the end of it's rope, but then I was able to move it up one more notch….
    I will switch him over the the Graco Nautilus this summer (which has been living at Grandma and Grandpa's house!)….that goes up farther than most others for taller ones, so I'll be able to get him through with a 5 point at least until the winter coats come out……..the nautilus changes into a high booster….then a low one.

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