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Good to know…paper shredder “no-nos”


Today our photocopier broke.

That happens at least once a day.

While I was waiting for it to cool down, I took some of the bad copies it made and threw them in the shredder. 

What?  You don’t do silly, kid-like things when you are frustrated.

So, as I’m standing there listening to the paper being made into little strips, I notice the pictures underneath the slot.  I guess these are supposed to be universal directions as there aren’t words, just pictures (sort of like putting Ikea furniture together)…I digress.

See, little directions, or maybe warnings.


As I’m standing there, I look away, and then my brain registers what I just saw on the end.

Look again.


Second to the last?

No babies without clothes but in diapers should go into the shredder?

Does that mean clothed babies are okay?  Well, I guess as long as they don’t have on gloves, a tie or a ponytail in, they are okay (at least according to the pictures).

You know the sad thing is that somebody likely did that first**, before they added the warning.  Because who seriously thinks to put a picture of baby as a “no” for a paper shredder?

*crappy pictures taken with my crappy cell phone.

** ETA: I think and hope that this label is really a poor choice for something that means kids shouldn’t use it, and certainly doesn’t mean that they think people would put a baby in a paper shredder…because that isn’t funny and ruins the humorous spirit of my post.

Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?


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  1. Yes, the most concerning part is that someone has obviously tried to shove a baby in a paper shredder before.


  2. As a teacher, one of the first things my mother always taught me was that the crazy stuff on the list of prohibitions is on there because someone did it already. "Common sense isn't always that common" she used to say.
    How awful that the thought would even exist to put a baby through a shredder. I think I want to vomit now. 🙁

  3. I'm sure there was some dumb ass who attempted such a thing and now they have to put stupid warnings like that on products!

  4. You have to love warning labels, always so perfectly unclever.

  5. If that warning saves even one baby from being shredded, then it was a warning well made.

  6. oh wow!!

    maybe it is just meaning do not try and shred diapers… or it could mean, just keep babies away cause they could hurt themselves by grabbing it… here's hoping!!

  7. I wonder what happened to make the manufacturers feel the need to put that disclaimer on there! hmmm

  8. I'm so tired that it took me a minute to realize that they do just mean that babies shouldn't use it. I was totally thinking "who would put a baby in there?"

    I think I need sleep.

  9. That is rather like the stroller I had with a warning that read: "Remove child before folding."

    You know, just for those folks who may have considered otherwise.

  10. Maybe someone did that first and for that reason is the announcement.

  11. ok really going to bed…but hilarious!!!

    the teachers workroom always equalled the biggest giggles 🙂

  12. Does that mean those of us who teach HS students are allowed to put THEM in there?
    Just askin'…

  13. You know, I put my little sister in the trash can when she was just three months old. Somehow I think that if we would have had a paper shredder, it wouldn't have been beyond me to try that too. Sad, but true. Hahaha.

  14. So babies in diapers are a no-no, but what about just diapers? Can we stick diapers in the paper shredder? Peed in diapers should be o.k. but I wouldn't try the poopy kind. I don't think that sh*t would shred. lol

    You crack me up, girl! BTW…You won award. 🙂


  15. I blame this on litigation! So many crazy warnings these days that we don't pay any attention to what is really out there!

  16. that is funny! I see the humor in it like you did. Too bad they can't just cover all their bases and say "PAPER ONLY!" ya know? is there a picture of food on there? LOL

  17. Ack! Kinda scary they felt the need to put a sign like that on, huh? Yipes!

  18. Thank God you pointed this out! I was just about to go shred a baby, I mean, my hair, no wait, some important papers!

  19. Some of the warnings on things are just so ridiculous. I could understand the picture of the hand, but the baby? How weird is that!

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