Balloons are like baby-crack, but way better for them*


*unless of course they try to eat them, because that’s really, really bad.

We went out for dinner.  To a real restaurant.  With both kids.  It doesn’t happen often.

And, it was just what we needed.

After dinner, the wonderful, genius waitress bought us 10 more minutes at the table by bringing us some fabulous balloons.

In fact, it bought us at least 20 minutes of fun at home, too.

Playing hide “balloon head #1.”

balloon head

And, then “peek-a-boo.”

and a cutie

Followed by “reach for the sky.”

come here, balloon

And then, “I almost got it” (times two if you look in the back).

so close, now.

Shortly after, some “I see you.”

I see you.

With a quick shot with mommy and “you can’t see me through this blue balloon.”

another balloon head

The look of the “determined balloon catcher.”

in her sights.

And, a baby gazing at her momma.


So thankful for those extra balloon minutes at our house.  They sure made us all cheery.
So, maybe I should call balloons “family-crack.”

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  1. Great pics! Brings back memories of when balloons were the coolest thing in the world. If only we could pause time…

  2. a real fancy restaurant? what happened to your beloved chik fil-a? wait is that tuesday?

    anyways the balloon fun looks super cute and it appears everyone is all smiles – does that mean we are all feeling better?

  3. The guy who inveted balloons is right up there with the velcro guy and the Febreeze guy for moms…a near saint. They are the best cheap toy EVER!

    LOVE the pic of your littlest looking up at the balloon. Such a classic kid pose!

  4. Wow lucky you in a real restrauant! The only thing I don't like about balloon's is when they pop!

  5. Sweet little cuties. Such joy a balloon can bring!

    Our family-crack right now is bubbles.

  6. Balloons are big hit for kids. Nice pictures, and you are there, yeahhhh.

  7. Love the pictures, balloons are great!! Whenever we go to a restaurant that has them Alex always has to have one!

  8. Cute pictures!!! Oh my word, my kids need to go to balloon rehab. God, how they love them.

  9. Just wait until they get old enough to inhale that helium!!!

  10. I agree, balloons are a lot better than crack.

    I was actually thinking about posting about balloons this week — we have several floating around the living room currently. Though I'm not sure why….

    I still love balloons!

  11. Were they helium filled? I bet they really would've gotten a kick out of them if you changed your voice with helium! 🙂 (Or is that bad for you?)

  12. loving the balloon fun pictures! such cuties you have…

    balloons are like crack in our house too…

  13. So fun! Max loves balloons too. I always mean to buy some when I go to Wal-Mart but never remember.

  14. I'm always worried Chicken will eat them so I never let him play with them. Your pics looked so great that it totally made me re-think that. I'm going to get some today!

  15. Great post. I love balloons too! They are so much fun. I may need to get some this weekend. Especially since it snowed and we will be inside all weekend!

  16. The go koo-koo for cocoa puffs over balloons and bubbles. A mystery, for sure.
    Glad you got a night out!

  17. What fun photos! It's so true. Balloons are hours of entertainment.

  18. Same here. We currently have 6 huge helium balloons in our house – 3 are blue and 3 are pink. Go figure 🙂 And they provide much entertainment….though only for Karys at this age. I think Blake could care less right now. Haha.

  19. Yes, Balloons are soo much fun! I love the huge smiles in those pictures 🙂

    Glad you had such a fun time 🙂

    I am going to be linking up to your Monday Meme! I will have some really funny pics to share. It is a great idea!

  20. Balloons are so fun. You'd think it's Christmas whenever we have one in our house!

  21. You definitely got your moment's worth out of those balloons, looks like you had a blast!

  22. Could you lend me this balloon woman? You know, just for breakfast time? I love the title of your blog, wish I'd thought of that. x

  23. That's too funny that you called balloons baby crack. It's true though, my kids will play with them forever.

  24. Legally Fabulous says:

    These pictures are adorable! I'm always amazed at how kids love balloons… I worked in the handbag department at Nordstrom during college and we would always keep a stash of balloons from the kids shoes department so kids could be entertained while their mommy's shopped. Genius.

  25. Those are too cute. It's funny how much kids love balloons, isn't it? Mine are older and they still love to play with them.

  26. Oh, I'm a huge fan of that kind of family crack! Balloons are the gift that keeps on giving till they pop. So glad you guys had a night on the town with the kiddos.

  27. That's so fun! I love the "I almost got it!" look, with her little arms reaching for the balloon.

  28. I love their red hair! Baby crack? LMAO!

    Got my picture! 2 out of 3 kids still counts right?

  29. YES my kids LOVE balloons too!
    and I LOVE that you were tryingto beso PC and mention that they are NOT good to eat! GREAT reminder lol!

  30. What a great idea!! And yes, it is amazing how much they LOVE balloons!

  31. I love the title for this post. Balloons provide hours of fun at many ages:)

    Thanks for stopping by the family trifecta.

  32. You have a wonderful blog and it's funny too!

  33. Baby Crack Balloons! I love it! And that's exactly what they are. These are all great photos, but that last one, with her big toothy smile, is just heart-melting!

  34. I KNOW! My kids love balloons. Whenever my friend asks what she should get the boys for their birthdays I tell her to just grab a handful of balloons and stick them in a card. It works every time! THEY LOVE THEM! So fun! 🙂

  35. They did have a good time with them! I know the grandkids love balloons too. 🙂 Glad no one tried to eat one, lol.

  36. So much fun at the Serious Home! The girls are too cute with the balloons, and I'm glad you and Papa Bear enjoyed dinner! YAY!

  37. We love balloons too…except when my Lily bites them, then I have to take them and she hates me forever! 🙁

  38. What fun! Balloons are instant fun. 🙂 When my son gets his hair cut he always gets a balloon afterward and that makes for additional playtime always. Glad you guys had a nice night out.

  39. I used to love balloons! My favorite game was letting it go in the air (I know, so bad for the birds!) and seeing how long I can watch it.

  40. My siblings are in love with balloons, they can't get enough of them, must be a toddler thing!

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