Blaire Wilson: American Girl’s 2019 Girl of the Year with Video


When I saw the ads that a new American Girl was coming out, and that she had red hair and loved to cook, I knew she was just perfect for one of my red heads. N loves to cook and loves to bake and she’s all about creating meaningful connections. Blaire Wilson is a welcomed addition in our house and I’m so thankful to American Girl for sending her along for us to check out.

Blaire Wilson American Girl 2019 Girl of the Year

Check out N’s surprise unboxing video at the top and bottom of the post.

Blaire Wilson American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year

Who is Blaire Wilson?

Blaire Wilson is a young chef-in-training who loves bringing people together. Naturally a people person, just like our N, she excels at gathering people around the dinner table. However, as many kids these days, she struggles to find the balance between the digital world and the real world. Blaire will help teach girls that it’s more important than ever to stay connected to people they care about in person.

She lives with her family on Pleasant View Farm, including a lamb and piglet and helps out at Blaire’s Family Farm Restaurant.

Blaire Wilson American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year

Blaire’s story unfolds in a chapter book series written by Jennifer Castle and published by Scholastic. In the two books, Blaire loves to put her cooking and decorating talents to good use on her family’s sustainable farm and bed-and-breakfast in upstate New York.

When the opportunity to plan the farm’s first wedding arises, Blaire jumps in with gusto. However, between overextending herself to create the perfect farm-fancy event and a newly diagnosed food sensitivity that makes her self-conscious, Blaire finds herself more engaged on her devices than at real-life gatherings with others.

Ultimately, through the help of her family and friends, Blaire finds a healthy balance and learns the value of being fully present at every occasion.

Blaire Wilson American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year

Blaire Wilson’s features

Like Blaire’s other American Girl friends, she’s an 18-inch tall doll. Blaire has bright green eyes and curly red hair.


In addition to her adorable bee covered sundress, Blaire Wilson’s hair flower and bracelet there are other outfits and accessories and products available. You can purchase everything needed to play with a show stopping farm-to-table celebration.

Blaire Wilson American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year

Blaire Events:

Blaire Online Play: Girls can visit for book excerpts, games and activities, and Blaire’s Life at Pleasant View Farm Vlog posts from her family’s sustainable farm, featuring delicious recipes, gardening tips, cooking and craft videos, and more.

Blaire’s Family Dinner Series: To promote mealtime togetherness, families are invited to attend a Blaire-inspired dinner series at select American Girl retail restaurants across the country in 2019. Parents can visit to learn more or make a reservation.

Blaire Wilson

We couldn’t be more excited about Blaire’s positive message and what she’s trying to achieve. And it’s a bonus that she looks just like N!


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  1. The sundress is SO CUTE. And purple sandals! With those costume items, Scarlett would be all over her. Such detail! <3

  2. What a cutie! This doll would be perfect for my red haired daughter.

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