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The sneaky thing that happens when your youngest has a birthday right at the end of the year; Smushed between Christmas and New Years. I was ready for it, but it still snuck up on me. Then the timehop and Facebook memories started happening. But, holy cow, how did my Baby B get to be FOUR YEARS OLD?

Before the big day, we decided to splurge on an all you can eat sushi place. Who knew how much these kids could eat in the raw and cooked fish category? But they can put it away, so we took advantage of the kiddo being 3 for a few more days. Turns out B also likes miso soup.

sushi mommy and me monday

I had to snap one last picture of her before she turned 4. Just some bedtime snuggles before waking up a whole year older! (Notice my pin? Nice Christmas purchase from the school store last year. Sometimes I have to remind them.)

Happy 4, B

Then we had company and they decided to photobomb us. Good thing they are cute and we like them.

Happy 4, B

For her actual birthday, we got up and out early to beat the crowds and lines at World of Coke. B wasn’t the happiest to be there, but it could have been the longer walk from the car and the cold air.  So, I figure this pretty much sums up Mommy and Me in a nutshell with four kids.

Happy Birthday, B

Thankfully, the oldest helped B recover and they designed their own bottle.

designing a bottle at world of coke

And she was happiest in the tasting room because we don’t do soda hardly ever, so this was a huge treat. And yes, she was running in circles shortly after this.

tasting around the world at world of coke

The giant bear was terrifying, but a must for getting a picture. Quite the difference from about 5 years ago, and 10 years before that! Check out our previous World of Coke pictures.

Happy Birthday, B

I can’t not take a picture of B in her birth place, which happens to be our downstairs bathroom. Make sure to read her accidental home birth story if you are new here. She was hesitant and told me that the seat had to be down for our picture..which made it even funnier to me.

Birth scene resnap 2017

She’s had been asking about a rainbow cake for MONTHS, so we made sure to make her one request happen. She was pretty thrilled and even blew out the candles before we started singing. Don’t worry, we lit them again and she got to blow them out a second time.

Happy birthday, B

Happy 4th birthday to our sweet little B…who is a walking talking FOUR YEAR OLD and has done all the things that has made you absolutely not a baby any more. We love you and look forward to the fifth year with you around!

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