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Let me preface this by saying, the girls now like to read my blog…hi girls!

Now, they might think that I don’t say “yes” often. I’m so mean, you know! I can see them nodding in agreement right now. 

Saturday night, there was some chatter about painting their room. Asking if we had enough of the paint leftover from our room (a nice neutral light gray). Yes, there’s enough. I knew they were planting a seed. 

Sunday, they asked if they could paint their room. I suspected it might be coming. And, I think to their surprise, I told them yes. Shocking, right? I also told them I wasn’t interested in helping so they had to do it on their own. 

So, I let them paint. And made suggestions… you need to clean the walls first, and fill the holes. They decided taping was a good idea as well as moving furniture. They did get some help from Mr. Serious with that and shaking the 5 gallon paint bucket. 

Oh, one other snafu. We didn’t have any spare roller brushes. (Sidenote: two kids had coughs so we were 100% quarantining until we got test results…negative, so going to the store wasn’t an option). Thankfully, a neighbor had some and put them on her porch for us to grab. 

One cleared room and some paint later and they were rocking and rolling. 
girls painting their room

Things escalated quickly and the next time I saw them, they were wearing quite a bit more paint. Also, so is our carpet because our dropcloth isn’t waterproof and they spilled quite a bit. It’s only carpet, right??

covered in paint

Little sisters are good for picking dried paint off of their big sisters’ legs. 

About 4 hours later, they determined they were done and the paint was dry enough to start removing tape, put pictures back on the walls and move their furniture back. They were, rightfully so, pretty proud of their work. 

such a mess

Look at those beautiful light gray walls. (Sidenote, gray or grey?)

look at our paint job

As they were removing the tape, they made a discovery. Turns out you have to actually go all the way to the tape and use a brush to cut in. Thankfully, they realized this before all of the furniture was but back in its place.

Mr. Serious was the one that pointed it out to them…he also told them that if they didn’t fix it, whenever we decide to sell the house, he will call them wherever they are and make them come back and fix it. 

When I heard this from the other room I thought it might be a little worse then I imagined. 

Then I came in, while Mr. Serious was helping move something, and yelled out in shock at just how much they missed. I also happened to scare Mr. Serious which made the whole process 100% worth it. 

you missed a spot

They did it, though, with a little more paint on them and in their hair. And I wanted to document the day that I said yes and they painted their room! Crazy hair and all!

crazy hair don't care


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  1. This is such a sweet story! Now they have a new life skill under their belt. I like to say yes to my son too, even though it inevitably leads to mess, it also to leads memories and lessons learned. Well worth it! Their room came out great!

    1. Thanks, Gwen! Yes, they definitely have a skill (that can be improved upon!!). And you are so right, their lessons almost always lead to mess and taking more time, but how will they learn?

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