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The other day I popped into my google reader and saw a blog come up that I hadn’t seen in a while. I didn’t even remember the last time I had checked in. I was so excited. I worked on Marla’s blog design and we chatted via email and then sort of lost touch. Immediately, I popped over to check in on her world and her boys.


As I started reading, I realized it wasn’t her. It was different and things weren’t right. It was her husband writing. Writing to say that his wife of almost 14 years had left this world too early. Gone in a blink. Leaving her husband and two boys behind. I was devastated and heart broken for them. But, I kept reading and was truly amazed at his words.

why i blog

He said what I’ve never been able to say. Why I blog. Why I keep going and doing this. It captures life. Us. Here. Now. These moments. The good. The bad. The ugly. The everything (yes, even trying out new things). Why we keep blogging when we are run down. Or when we just want to pull the plug and call it quits.

Blogging for her had always been a source of enjoyment as well as therapeutic. I suppose as a very driven working mother and wife there are things that just need to be expressed. This is what I loved most about her blog of the past. It is a snapshot of who she was and what she thought about. I am in a process of archiving this blog so my young children can reflect back on her in the future to help them remember the vibrant mother, wife, and woman she was. Small advice to the blogging community: Keep blogging and take small videos of yourself now and again. It doesn’t need to be of any profound subject matter, just you. If its not for your loved ones its for you to reflect on yourself.

I’m in a phase of preservation; some for myself but more for my young boys. She often was behind the camera more than in front and so there is not much video of her to truly display the wonderful person she was. The blog is very helpful in this area. -Lars Pak of Paklet Adventures

why i blog

It’s why I do Mommy and Me Monday each and every week. To make sure we are in the pictures for our kids (hopefully when they are grown with grandchildren of their own). To have them to look back on and remind us of events and memories that were stored away deep. My blog is the baby book for the girls. Sure I share it with everybody. Sure I don’t know what will happen when they ask me to not put their pictures and stories out there for everybody. But, there will always be something.

For you. For them. 

Thank you, Lars for the reminder. For keeping it real. For sharing your appreciation of your wife. Of her blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your boys.

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  1. I love this post. Thank you. It is so hard to keep up my personal blog along with Exp Mom, but this encourages me to press on. It IS a virtual baby book!

  2. This is what blogging is all about to capture something to pass on. Praying for their family.

    1. I will direct people to this post when they ask why from now on:)

  3. Barbara Montag says:

    This is such a great Halloween pic!
    You take the best pictures – thanks for sharing.

  4. heartbreaking.

    but exactly why we do it.

    capturing now…

  5. wow. just wow.
    you are so right. he is so right.
    this is why we do this.
    prayers for their family.

    1. Some people just don’t get it, but I know I’m preaching to the choir here:)

  6. I reeeeeeeeeally need to be better about being in front of the camera with my kids more often. Thanks to you and Lars for the great reminders.

    1. Yes, you do! Let those kiddos take pictures, too, or even the front camera on your phone…it’s not great, but you’re there.

  7. A reminder of how fragile life is and the importance of keeping a record for those who come behind. Thanks for sharing this story and reminding us all of why we blog. Prayers to the family.

  8. So sad……I am going to check out his blog right now…..

    …lovely photos, chicky!

  9. Oh man. The lump in my throat right now is choking. I think I needed this today. We all need reminders, and often, to cherish.
    And yes, this is a big reason why I blog.
    Thanks for the post.
    Prayers for her family.

    1. When I read it, I had needed the reminder, too! And yes often. Because we so easily get caught up that we forget.

  10. Reading what Lars had to say made me so sad. I had never heard of the family or read her blog before yet I am in tears…

    1. I think we can all connect on something like this, even if we don’t know them.

  11. This is certainly one of the main reasons I continue to blog as well. I want my kids to (and hopefully grandkids, etc) to see and know who I was, I mean won’t it be SO amazing to go back and read? I think so.

    I like what her husband said about doing more video. I need to do that for sure. I’m so sorry they lost their mother and wife. Breaks my heart. 🙁

    1. I think so, too..I even go back sometimes and read old stuff.

      The video…yes, it’s hard…especially with me in it. Something about my own voice, but I know it’s so important for them, too.

  12. Mr. Serious says:

    Wonderful post(s). We know not when our time will be up. Make memories, record, share, repeat.

  13. Such a great reminder to not be afraid to put a little of ourselves in our blogging. I’m a photographer and always try to strike a balance of being professional, yet still “me.” so sad for this father. But, it’s nice to know that he has the comfort of his wife’s blog.

    1. Maybe you could do a “you” blog in addition to your photography one? I know it’s hard to maintain two different ones..so just throwing it out there.

  14. pat chance says:

    great post Krystyn.

  15. Well, I wasn’t expecting to read what I did. It touched my heart. I have been thinking about doing a blog post about why I blog too. Who would have known so much fulfilment and new relationships would be established through this form on communication. Amazing.

    1. It really is amazing, isn’t it? The community really is nice and supportive like 99% of the time.

  16. While this has me in tears, I completely agree – this is what draws so many mothers to blog. It’s not always a desire to be “known,” to get the best swag, or to have an outlet for venting frustration (although sometimes it can be for those reasons). I think most of us moms blog to preserve memories for our children to one day look back on. Because really, we don’t know what will happen to ANY of us today or tomorrow. I’ve read many blogs where bloggers have lost a child, a spouse, or their own lives too soon. Thank you for the reminder to keep at it. Our children will thank us one day (hopefully).

    1. I sure hope they thank us one day…although I’m sure there will be times they are upset with us about it, too!

  17. Anti-Supermom says:

    This is very sad news, Marla and I frequently visited each other’s blogs… so heartbreaking! (thank you for letting me know).

    It’s hard for me to keeping plugging along, there are days that feel like the last one, and do people really care? It’s a great reminder to me, that I do it for *me* and not everyone else out there.

    1. You hit the nail on the head!

      (Sorry you had to find out from me..I was pretty heartbroken about it, too!)

  18. Donna Mayo says:

    I have been seriously considering blogging for months now. But kept thinking who really cares about my everyday life…except my family of course. This made me see THAT”S EXACTLY who I should do it for! Thank you for sharing! Memories are the absolute best gift we can ever give the ones we love♥ Bubblefish Lane here I come 🙂

    1. Congrats, Donna! It’s great for family (my grandma and mom and sister read all the time….which of course means, I can’t blog about them!) Make sure you participate in Mommy and Me Monday and congrats on Bubblefish Lane!

  19. Wow. I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes….. What a beautiful post. Good Morning America just did a terrible piece bashing moms that keep putting photos of their kids online. They should read this!

    1. I heard about that segment, and I’m glad I didn’t see it because I think I would be truly upset about it. They really should read this and his post, too!

  20. I need to get back to my roots with my blog. Why I originally started blogging. I have been doing so many giveaways lately, I haven’t had a chance to blog for me, for my family. Thank you for this.

  21. Oh my goodness, that’s sad. I’m very sorry to hear she’s passed. How kind and thoughtful of her husband to update her readers and more importantly to preserve a big part of her for them by preserving what she wrote.

  22. good thing i have read this. Sort of motivation for me to blog more.

  23. Oh my. That is heartbreaking but a great point! I blogged for a while but had a strong niche and had it in my head that I shouldn’t post anything but that. That lead to burn out and then eventually I stopped blogging. Then recently I went back, deleted it, reworked my blog and now I think I love where it is and I think I will be able to stick with it. This is such a profound post. Thank you and him for sharing this!

    1. I’m sure you are super glad you’ve come back. But a break is nice, too!

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