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This week has been a rough one for teachers.  There have been a lot of teachers not getting renewed contracts so emotions are high and all over the place.

So, my imagination is completely obliterated and exhausted.

Instead of me writing a story for this Photo Story Friday picture, I thought I would ask you. 

What’s the story that goes with this picture?

#1's doing what?

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk  PhotoStory Friday
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  1. Such a bummer about the teachers and their jobs. Ugh. Is she trying to get a squirrel to come down?

  2. She is happy because classes are going to end soon.

  3. sorry about the rough week friend – just not fair.

    as for izzy – i imagine there is another stick in the hand we can't see and she is beating them together while trying to chase something or someone (hopefully not nat) away?

  4. She is so cute. She found a caterpiller and she is trying to coax it down from the tree? : ) I have no idea. I am sorry for your job stress.

  5. Trying to get the squirrel to come down and play?? Am I right?! 🙂

  6. I definitely think she is chasing something…
    sorry about the rough week…hope things look up for teachers!

  7. Yes I think she is happy that school will soon be out for the summer. What beautiful greens in this photo.

  8. A bird, a squirrel, a cat?!?! lol

    Sorry about the work stress. 🙁
    Hope everything turns out good!!

  9. That is a very tough week.

    HMMM IF she was a boy I would say that she was a Knight fighting the Tree People but since she is a Girl I think she is using that stick as a wand to turn the Tree in to HER PRINCESS CASTLE! Can't you picture what an amazing Princess Castle that tree would MAKE!

    Enjoy the weekend and HEY REMEMBER YOUR IDEA about MORE FUN and ALL…well this would be a good time for you and the HUSBAND to do something…to get your mind off of all that. Just enjoy the moments right now…it all will work out for everyone. The path will be hard but there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all that is going on around us. It just has to BE!

    OK My Friend…go enjoy the MOMENT!

  10. Chasin that butterfly! I will catch you!

    hugs to you and all your teacher friends:)

  11. Ugh, I know. All the teachers are getting the shaft around here too. So many positions being cut. Scary.

    Let's see. Trying to tire the tireless little one, mama threw a stick for her and she went to fetch it and bring it back! 😉

  12. I think she's chasing a squirrel with a stick because it stole her sucker!

  13. Obviously she's the Majorette of a parade of Munchkins and Leprechauns.


  14. For some reason I just keep picturing her saying, "Get off my lawn!" in a Clint Eastwood-esque voice. But maybe I just watch too much Ellen?

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