Looking good and feeling good at Disney World


When the Disney Social Media Moms invite arrived in my inbox, the first thing I did was squee, the second was panic.

What was I going to wear? I have zero clothes in my wardrobe that were conference appropriate and also park appropriate that fit me (yay losing weight!)

So, when Kohl’s contacted me about their summer line and offered for me to go shopping and get a few things, I jumped at the chance. I knew I could head to Kohl’s and get a maxi dress and maybe some shorts or a shirt and be good to go.

As I suspected, I was able to find several cute maxi dresses, and on your suggestions on twitter and instagram, I picked this one. It was pretty much the favorite. It’s by J.Lo, too.

Looking good and comfy at Disney Social Media Moms

It was perfect for the conference portion of Friday as we weren’t up and around too much, but long enough that my legs weren’t cold (why are conferences always cold?). Not to mention it was super cute. And, when I happened upon Chris Powell of Extreme Makeover: Weight loss addition I was confident in having a conversation with him. And, after several minutes, had to ask for a picture.

The same dress was also perfect for later in the day when we ventured over to Hollywood Studios for a family dinner and dancing. Oh, and a picture with Minnie Mouse. 

Looking good and comfy at Disney Social Media Moms

To make the dress a little more casual, I gathered it at the bottom and tied a knot in it. It was easier to walk around in (and I’m told) still trendy and super cute.

Looking good and comfy at Disney Social Media Moms

For the days spent at the park, cotton shirts and cotton shorts are the way to go. It was HOT while we were there. Between the Florida heat and all of the cement, I wanted fabric as breathable as possible. 

It was just the right outfit for a ride on Dumbo with my middle. Who made us go up and down no less then fifty times over the course of one ride!

Looking good and comfy at Disney Social Media Moms

This super cute sleeveless shirt and shorts (shockingly from the women’s section), were great for walking around the park as well as a family dinner (post rain) with more dancing (a little cupid shuffle) and kid wrangling.

Looking good and comfy at Disney Social Media Moms

I’m all about the comfort and these helped me feel comfortable and look good, too.

Kohl’s sent me a gift card to head to the store and get a couple things to test out at the park. All thoughts are my own. I spent a lot more than the gift card on several other items I wore there as well. 


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  1. I LOVE what you picked out and how FUN to be able to wear them at DISNEY!

    1. Thank you! It was so hard to find the right thing, but I’m very happy with what I picked out…and that I got to wear it to Disney:)

  2. Kohls is the best!! I shop there all the time.

    Disney rocks too. We’re going next month.

    1. Yay for Disney. Be prepared, if you can’t find a misting fan by you, they are $15! and worth every.single.penny!

    1. So much fun. I was there for over an hour making sure I didn’t miss anything.

  3. The knot looks super cute…I’m impressed! I like all your trendy new clothes, and they FIT! Yay!

  4. Good choices. You look really cute. I like the idea of the knot at the bottom of the Maxi dress. I may have to copy that.

    1. It was sooo much easier to walk around. Especially while carrying my youngest. I wasn’t as worried about tripping…and it was a little cooler, too.

  5. grandma pat says:

    All your new outfits were super cute and looked great on you. Very stylish.

    1. Thank you! I knew I had to get it…even though it cost a lot more than the others!

  6. How fun! You look great – I love the Maxi dress. I tried on the same J Lo. maxi dress – but I am just too darned short for it (it didn’t fit right in the torso, so heming wouldn’t help) – but it was very nice and really is super flattering.

    1. Thank you! I had to actually go a size up because the smaller size was ever so slightly too short…of course this was super long…sacrifices!

    1. Thank you! Thank you!

      And, seriously, what don’t they have at that store?

    1. My only beef…sometimes their promos are only good if you have a Kohl’s charge…we don’t do credit. I missed out on an additional 20% off!

  7. I have never been to Disney but I think it would be fun to go!! We live in Kansas so it would be a long trip but seems to be worth it for a once in a lifetime experience!

    1. Definitely a long trip, so you’d have to go for a while..but you have to “do it” at least once!

  8. Adorable!! I absolutely love that dress and the shirt and shorts look perfect for adventures in the park. Looks like you picked the perfect outfits for your trip

    1. Thank you! They were so comfy…and I might have worn the shorts again with another shirt because I liked them so much!

  9. Oooo! So pretty! I love that dress!
    And y’all are seriously making me want to go to Disney. 🙂

    1. I know…and you know I was the same way as you about a trip! But, I just couldn’t pass it up…and I’m so glad we went!

  10. Oh my goodness. You guys look like you had a wonderful time!! It is best to look cute but definitely comfortable!

  11. I love shopping at Kohls – they always have such cute things and very affordable. I love that Maxi Dress – it is super cute on you! I also really like the shorts and shirt. Congrats on the invite to Disney…it looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thank you! so many cute things!

      And, yes, we did have a great time! We all came home super tired!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Kohl’s for clothing, whether for me or the family. So many great options, although our local one didn’t have much in the way of ‘church’ clothes when I went looking this spring.

    1. Church clothes are harder to find…I think you have to look in the middle section. I always forget what it is…but it’s not like the old lady section and it’s not the teenager section!

  13. You look adorable. And I am jealous. So very jealous. I’ll have to send you like 75 emails to get over it:)

    1. Jealous? Clinton? Stacy? Hmmmmm….

      I’ll wait for my email to blow up!

  14. I love your dress! Looked so comfortable and stylish!

  15. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Cute dress, I love that. I love Kohls also, they have some of the cutest clothing there, for adults and kids.

    1. So many cute things. I was in the store for an hour and a half!

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