Mommy and Me-The 16th Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information. 

The threat of rain was there the whole time, but just like #1 said, it wasn’t going to rain.  And, it didn’t. 

We headed off to a friend of a friend’s pool for some pool and BBQ Memorial Day fun.

#1 didn’t warm up to the water very well.  In fact, after putting on her lifejacket and tossing her in, her head went under the water and she was done.  She later recounted the story and told a friend “and then, my mommy threw me in the water.  That’s didn’t go very well.”  The girl cracks me up.  She was then content to play on the steps.

#2 took a while, but after she ate her cupcake, she literally scooted right into the pool.  Twice.  After that, we put on #1’s unused “swimmies” and #2 was in heaven.  She had me pull her all around the pool while she was kicking and laughing.

And me? I was relieved.  It was so much easier watching her in the pool then watching her play around the pool with the BBQ going.

And, I was finally having fun with her, too!


And just for comparison, here is #1 (the same age as #2 is above….19 months) and Me (I was pregnant with #2) almost exactly 2 years previous…she really didn’t enjoy the pool then, either.

DSC_0262a (37)

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  1. They're both awfully cute! I had one fish and one who still hates the water!

  2. That's too funny! Both of mine love the water, they just hate getting their faces wet. Great photos!

  3. Cute pictures 🙂 Saw your comment online on Two Of A Kind and saw you were in Marietta – I'm in Roswell!

  4. So adorable!! I haven't tried the girls in a big pool. That will be while we're on vacay…I'm not very optimistic, haha!

    Cute pics, hun!

  5. So cute. She may be a little fish. Some of my grandkids love to swim and took to the pool right from the start….but others were more like Izzy and it took them a while to get used to it.

    Have fun. Enjoy the summer off.
    Hugs, Lura

  6. My littlest are water babies too. Nat was so cute in the water!

  7. 16 already?? honey that's crazy!!!

    love your little fishy 🙂 maybe our second will be more of a water baby too?

    will be back later to link up!

  8. Too, too cute! Leah's turning out to be kind of the same way as Isabelle. What to do….what to do….?

  9. Those are great! I love seeing pictures of when older siblings were the same age as younger ones!

  10. Narelle was a water baby; there was a pool in Phuket where we lived, so we let her in since she was 4 months old. Yesterday was "pool day" for her as well, although it was an impromptu dip at my elder kids' school, while my hubby coached badminton in the gym. Got to find an "acceptable" photo to post, as I let her skinny dip ;-P

  11. Super cuteness! Mine are both fish, not totally sure if it's good or bad yet.

  12. Well, at least one likes the water!…..and looks awfully cute too!…
    I'm not sure about TigerBoy…he didn't want to go anywhere near the hotel pool last summer, when my parents were taking a swim. In fact, he was asking me to come away from the side of the pool when I was just sitting in a chair close to the water!……

  13. What a cute little water baby! I'm thinking of taking my boys to the pool this week and have no idea how my 1 year old will handle it!

  14. I love these Mommy & Me photos! Your girls are precious!

  15. You look like you are having a blast in the pool! So cute that you posted an old pic!! They look so much alike!
    So happy to be participating this week!

  16. Great pictures! I love your smile in the first. N looks like she's having a ball!
    How cute was what Isabelle said!! 🙂

  17. Landon wasnt a fan of swiiming until last year! (at 6 yrs old)
    I even tried to enroll him for swim lessons and he screamed the whole time. No fun! (and not to mention a waste of money!!)
    He is like a fish now..he swam for 5 straight hours yesterday and loves it!!
    Nat looks like she was having a blast!!

  18. My step dad used to throw me in the water like that too and it would freak me the heck out! Usually if I wasn't around him though, I'd be jumping right in. I think I'm still that way!

  19. My boys were (actually they still kind of are) always timid around the water. Now we have them all in swim classes to really get them to know the basics so we can really enjoy our summer. 🙂

    Great pictures!

  20. Hailee loves swimming she didnt when she was a baby tho!

    She looks like she is having alot of fun!

    Blogger hasnt worked since yesterday for me so I just post me Mommy & me

  21. shortmama says:

    All I can think of is how refreshing that pool looks right now when its 110 degrees out right now!

  22. Look at the big girl swimmin' away. I really need to get the dude into the pool!

  23. She is going to forever tell the story of her mommy throwing her in…lol.

    I love the photos. It is always nice to see the comparison photos of the siblings at the same age.

    I have been wanting to join in on this meme…finally did, a day late. But, better late than never right?

  24. I love babies in the water! We have been spending a lot of time in our pool this summer. Little fishies 🙂

  25. Awww – that's so sweet. And isn't it funny how different kids are…even when they come from the same parents?! 🙂 I need to get back on the Mommy & Me game plan – I've been bad….bad at keeping up with EVERYthing lately. Argh…

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