Oh, that kiddo!

These girls are cracking me up. They must get their comedic side from their mommy!
#1 has always loved to look at pictures of herself. Now, she’s taken it one step further. We might need intervention.
Anytime she can get her hands on a camera, she starts snapping away. But, she doesn’t take pictures of other people anymore. Now, she has turned the camera on herself. All.the.time. On mulitple cameras.
Here are just a couple from this weekend. See, she even gives herself the goofy, fake smile.
And, tries out the more serious look.
And, almost captures the real #1.
Oh so close.
What I find even more comical is the fact that she’s never seen us take pictures of ourselves like this. So I’m wondering where she’s learned her newest obsession trick?


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  1. I adore that second picture.

    And can I just tell you that when I see her I just think "little orphan Annie" Not that she looks like an orphan or anything, just the red, curly hair!

    These are aweseom.

  2. That's hilarious! Maybe she'll be the modern-day Norman Rockwell!

  3. She is such a darling little girl.

    Just think of all the pictures we didn't get of ourselves when we were little because they didn't have digital camera's back then. Did I just say "Back then"? OMG, I am getting old for sure. lol

  4. How long until she has her own blog?? CAREFULLY supervised by momma of course. She certainly has the smile down pat! She's a cutie!

  5. She is so adorable!

    I love all the photos–such a character, that Izzy 🙂

  6. haha, looks like shes ready for her own facebook now, LOL

  7. That FACE!!! How do you get anything accomplished all day? I'd just sit and smile and laugh…

  8. Amber @ Striving For 31 says:

    She is so adorable!!

  9. How funny! 🙂 Posing for self portraits. She is so adorable.

  10. Too too funny! My daughter does the same thing – maybe it is a girl thing? Does Izzy also have an obsession with mirrors??
    Gwen is asking for her own camera non stop and with the number of near misses ours has had in her hands….I'm actually starting to consider it!

  11. She's so cute!!

    She's the exact opposite of my nephews… they think getting their picture taken is like getting taken to the gallows!!

  12. That is so funny! It makes you wonder where they learn all this stuff!

  13. so cute!! i love that she does this, hilarious:)

  14. haha…that's hilarious…I love them all – but the first 2 are the best! 🙂

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