A New Family Tradition?

This weekend, we made a very quick, very short trip (or as #1 calls it, a “journey”) to Houston. It was Mr. Serious’ sister’s birthday. It was a big one that starts with thi- and ends with -rity. Not that I’m putting it out there or anything.
We took Friday off and flew into town with the kiddos in tow.
I was that lady on the plane that has a screaming child on her lap. Yeah, that was fun!
Mr. Serious was nice enough to let me join up with my sister and a friend for a quick happy hour before the evening festivities.
We were then off to the karaoke bar for the birthday celebration. Karaoke and me are not friends. This was my first time at any karaoke place. But, I did make sure to get a picture of us because it is all too seldom that we do go out (remember that commitment to fun?). And, a big shout out to my mom for staying with our girls for us.
While we were there, I did quite a bit of hanging out and chatting with another friend from high school.
Mr. Serious, however, and our BIL really enjoyed themselves. I think maybe they are the ones that had a commitment to fun, because they certainly did. And, apparently, everybody else thought they were quite good, too.
They sang one of the redneck anthems “Family Tradition.” Yeah, that’s quality entertainment right there. (You know the words…’why do you drink?’ ‘to get drunk.’ With audience participation and all.)
Mr. Serious did manage to drag me on stage to sing “Shoop” by Salt N Pepa, but oddly enough, the words on the screen all lit up and one time and it was impossible to sing along. So, I walked off stage.. a little diva-like.
And, towards the end of the night, I’m pretty sure this was the karaoke bar’s way of telling us it was time to go, because this is what the screen displayed. Just try to sing along to that.
And, we wrapped it up and headed back at about 2:30am.
I’m pretty sure I might catch up on sleep, life, work some time next year. I’m too old to stay up that late!


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  1. Karaoke is not my thing either. Except that my mom and Hubby both think I can sing and are always trying to get me to go up and sing. I really don't think there is enough alcohol in the bar or at the party to get me up there. Hubby even went and bought a karaoke machine with about 70 CD's. I don't sing but we do karaoke at friends parties occasionally.

    Aren't Mom's nice for keeping the kiddos?

    Glad you both had a great time.

  2. What part of houston were you in?? (that's my neck of the woods) I love your outfit. It's super cute! In answer to your question, my science class is non-existant. I'm the last class not on the texas 4×4 graduation plan so I'm taking 3/4 core classes. The teacher who is teaching Anatomy and Physiology isn't the nicest lady so I chose not to take it. lol.

    Love, Mere

  3. Looks like you are doing pretty well with that commitment to fun 🙂

    Happy Big 3-0 to the hubby~

  4. Now I have this weird combination song in my head…shoop…to get drunk…haha!

    I've never attempted to sing karaoke–so I admire that you even went on stage, girl!

  5. I am terrified of karaoke bars! You probably won't EVER find me in one. I would love to watch others, as you did, but I wouldn't get on stage! I wouldn't mind going all dolled up like you did though!!! Cute!

  6. way to go mama! i am happy to hear that you all survived the "journey" and made it home safe and sound!

    maybe a cat nap tomorrow during plan time??

  7. Wait, you mean you don't have the words to Shoop memorized!?
    Family Traditions is totally the BEST song! I love it!
    And you look H-O-T! WTG with your bad self!

  8. Hmmm….I heard one of those crying….er, screaming babies on the flight back to Boston!………So far so good with TigerBoy……I won't say more, in case I might jinx myself….

    My most interesting experience with karaoke is when I was in Norway……….never went into the bar across from our hotel, but HEARD 'Elvira' sung very badly, EVERY night………..why oh why?……I was in Norway, for crying out loud!……lol…….

  9. I could have totally sang every word to Shoop…screen with words or not! haha!!
    Glad you guys had fun (even though Miss Diva was out past her bedtime! lol)
    It was so good to see you for Happy Hour…next time, it will have to be longer!!

  10. I love karaoke! We used to have a machine at the house and sang all the time. Ahh, the good old days 🙂

    Next time you come in I promise to try to not be sick and make it out.

  11. We have a great karoake bar near us, but one of our friends thinks he should be a rock star and ALWAYS lowers everyone's mic volume so you can only hear him.

    Is it weird that I can sing Shoop without needing a prompter?

  12. YOU ROCKED that OUTFIT GIRL! Sounds like great FUN! I know the words to SHOOP too! I love that song…but I also know the words to FAMILY TRADITION and that is the THEME SONG for MOST of MY FAMILY REUNIONS..HMMMM let me go digest that for a minute! Have a great Wednesday!

  13. My condolances about the screaming child – but other than that it sounds like an amazing trip!! Hooray for fun, esp when it includes family and the big 3-0 bday!!!

  14. I hear yah on staying out late. I just cant hang like I used to (not meaning I dont try, haha). Feels like it takes me weeks to recover. T was out till 3am monday night (went to the Texans game) and still managed to make it to work. Thats dedication right there. No wait, thats me telling him he has to go after his last outing till 3am resulted in him telling his boss he had…wait for it…PINK EYE! He had to rub rub rub his eye all day to make it appear that he "might" have actually had it the next day. Clearly, he is running out of excuses, haha.

    Oh what it was like to be young. To stay out till the next morning and feel fine, to drink like a fish and feel fine, to have nothing to wake up for. Why didnt we appreciate that then? HAHA

    Glad Mr. Serious had a wonderful "21st" birthday. Sounds like it was a great trip.

  15. Haha! It's always funny to watch people try to sing along with those karoke machines.

  16. I have only done Karaoke at people's houses and on a cruise ship…it was a blast but I don't know that I would do it at a bar! I'm too chicken!

  17. Y'all look great! What a fun little trip! You know, I just realized I've never done karaoke, isn't that sad.

  18. Houston, huh? I was born and raised in and around Houston. We have only been in Arkansas since 2005. I miss Texas. 🙁

    I love Karaoke, but I have been singing since I was a child. So, people tend to hate me at karaoke bars. LOL! They think my background in singing it totally cheating. haha

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