Things I’ve learned about being a mom

  1. You can survive on no sleep (and even go to work).
  2. Clothes are pretty much clean with a little bit of cookie on them.
  3. A smile and a kiss can make any troubles go away.
  4. When babies start eating food, your Diaper Champ will never be the same.
  5. The coolest toys are the ones that were not purchased for that purpose.
  6. You can spend an hour reading and re-reading the same book to your kiddo.
  7. You can do so much once your kiddo starts to feed them self.
  8. A baby whining to you is a bit annoying but when they say “up, please” you have to pick them up.
  9. It’s amazing how you feel when you get 7-8 hours of sleep.
  10. Even if you hate how you look in your glasses, sometimes you just have to wear them after having your contacts in for over a day.
  11. Even though you are excited about your baby growing up, you still wish they were super tiny and in those newborn diapers (where you get a million more in a pack).
  12. Your baby will grow up WAAAAYYYYY tooooooooo fast!
  13. Your baby crying can break your heart in an indescribable way.

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  1. This is the best one yet. So true!! I feel like I’ve learned so much already too. And I wouldn’t change it for the world! So sweet…

  2. So true! Those all made me smile (and wish Landon was little again!) Isnt it the most rewarding title in the world to be a mom!?!?

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