I won’t be getting mileage out of that threat.


Lately, when #1 starts whining and throwing a fit, I remind her that babies do that because they can’t talk.  She can use words and communicate.

If she continues, I remind her that babies sleep in cribs.  I threaten her with putting her in a crib like her sister.


my pumpkins playing in the crib.

Apparently, she doesn’t think cribs are bad.


“What’s the big deal?  So what if I climbed in here with my sister?”

Guilty as charged.

{This particular morning, #1 heard #2 awake and walked into her room.  By the time we got in there, she had climbed in.  I have no idea how she did it, and to be honest, I really don’t want to know.  I hope her sister wasn’t watching, though.}


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  1. Hehe! That is too cute. Your little girls are adorable!

  2. The crib climbing–girl, Isabella pulls the same stunt. And then she'll tell me she wants to go to bed, too–I scoop her up and tell her okay, bedtime, then 😉

    She quickly changes her little mind…

  3. lol don't you hate it when your threats are useless? I told my brother the other day if he didn't pick up his toys I'd throw them away, he told me okay no problem throw them away and continued to watch tv!!

  4. My son did this every night for a while, and they'd fall asleep together in the crib. It was cute, but I was so afraid he was going to break it!

  5. Haha. I hope she wasn't watching either. My girls have been asking for a baby brother lately, I can only imagine the antics similar to this we would have if we did have another lol.

    Love your blog BTW!!

  6. OH man, you're gonna have fun with these two as they grow up together aren't you. 😉

    Those smiles slay me…

  7. What a cutie! Even though baby girl doesn't talk much, I still tell her to say things trying to get her to do them, so I told her to say thank you and my son said "mommy, she can't, she is just a baby!"

  8. I know it sucks being the mama when you need to get serious but they are being too darn cute. But…it is cute, isn't it?! Ahhhhh!

    Happy WW!

  9. Oh I hate it when threats gets turned into fun and games! This is funny though! Hopefully sis didn't learn anything from climbing into/out of the crib!

  10. My biggest fear is that my oldest will attempt to get the youngest OUT of the crib!

    They are precious!

  11. They both seem like they are having a wonderful time. I hope that the continue to be that close! This is something that I missed out on being an only child.

  12. such cute pictures of them together…hopefully you won't randomly find her in there…

  13. They're so cute! Evan climbs in bed with Isabella EVERY morning. He rushes upstairs the second he hears her wake up and is over the rails in like 2 seconds!

  14. That's funny! LoL. Why do the bigger kids find cribs so fascinating? To be trapped behind bars is not a thrilling thought to me. But kids are funny and can turn anything dull and not fun into something extraordinary.

  15. When I threatened EJ with crib time she went and put all of her blankets in John's bed! Those kids are just too smart!

  16. I think that finding that perfect bribe/threat is one of the most difficult part of parenting. 🙂

  17. Yeah, that threat's come back to bite me in the butt too. 🙂

  18. uhm thanks for this. you know two already scares me. this does not help. although the two of them together? big cheesy happy faces – totally helps 🙂

  19. That's funny! My kids did that too that is when the crib went away.

  20. i totally love it when we threaten bradley with do this OR, and you never think they will pick the other thing, and then they do! it is not cool!! great pictures!

  21. I don't think that would work with my son either – he very much seems to wish he were still a baby most days! CUTE pics!

  22. I think it's adorable! Izzy's hair is so long…and looks more straight? I want the curly, 'is that red hair' to stay!!!! I'm getting more and more excited about my visit each day!!!!

  23. Oh they are so cute! I wonder if my daughter will end up doing this too with the baby 🙂

  24. Those smiles are to die for! And they really look threatened…

  25. Okay, I need to stop threatening Karys with having to be put back in pullups if she keeps having accidents b/c "that's what babies wear". Haha!

  26. How funny! Yes, reverse psychology doesn't work with my son. I've told him several times, "If you don't pick up your toys I'm going to throw them away!" He gets a big grin on his face and says YEAH! And he proceeds to pick up his toys and bring them to the trash. Even his new stuff! He also can't go to sleep when his room is dirty. I'm thinking he's a little OCD.

  27. Uh Oh!!! That's it scary isn't it!!! And yes, that argument never worked in our house either! 🙂

  28. Elizabeth M. says:

    haha i have a big sister who is dealing with wanting to be a baby again at times not all the times. She also likes to sit in the crib..and took a nap in there the other day. 😛

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