A lesson from Louie the Lightning Bug

Meet our iron. Faithful to me/us since college.
Our iron now has a problem…
You see, the cord is in two pieces. He lost his plug.

This makes him hard to use.

This is the working of Mr. Serious.

He came in our room and showed me in the wee hours of the morning, when I didn’t have my glasses on and was very tired.

I asked later, remembering something about the iron.

He said “remember when your mom told you to never pull on the cord and always pull on the plug? Well, this is why!”

So, take this lesson to heart, or you, too will be purchasing a new iron.

And, yes, I bought a pink one!!!

And, my luck is with me again.

I won a contest that Creative Momma was hosting.

Jen at TuTu’s Bliss gave away a tummy time tutu and a portrait paci. So far, she has already contacted me, and decided that she is going to surprise us with the design.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for our two little princesses!

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  1. The iron broke oh no! Glad you were able to replace him with a pink one. The girls looks so precious and innocent in that picture. Lucky you, we never win anything!

  2. I never knew that you had to pull from the plug, lol! Oh well, it was time for a new one anyways, right?
    Congrats on the tutus.

  3. Yikes! I’m glad he didn’t get electrocuted! Aren’t pink appliances the best? I bought a pink sewing machine recently. 🙂

  4. I am bad about just yanking the cord too. I feel your pain. And my girls look precious in their little dresses.

  5. think i might have to go and yank on my iron cord – i would love an excuse for a pink iron 🙂

  6. I had no idea a cord could just break like that!!

  7. Pink iron. I need one 🙂 I always pull the cord-I will stop now 🙂 thanks lady!

  8. wow – I’ve never seen that happen before!!! My mom always told me that, but I always do it… oops!!! but I am sure you feel so cute ironing with a pink one, so it all worked out 🙂

    and congrats on your win!! you have REALLY good luck – play the lotto!! haha

  9. I always pull the plug by the cord! LOL! And that sounds so much like my hubby! Love the pictures!

  10. Mrs de Miranda says:

    Poor little iron….

    reminds me of The Brave Little Toaster for some reason!

  11. Yikes, that looked like a dangerous cord… would fit right into my danger house.

  12. I have a pink iron too. Though I rarely use it.

  13. Go you for buying a pink one. Just what hubby gets for not listening to his mama! ;oD And I just love the pic of the girls. I’m seriously in love with your babies!

  14. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I had a pile of ironing and severe allergies, so I took a benedryl and started the task. Exactly 30 seconds later I though the bendryl must have kicked in as I was seeing sparks and smelling fire.

    Oh, no. The iron was dying and slow death of a frayed cord.

    Word to the wise, send it all out to the cleaner.

  15. Mommy In Pink says:

    thats funny…i always pull on the cord too!

  16. Lol I LOVE that you got a pink iron!! Too cute! That is good to know about pulling the cord, I always do that! Congrats on winning the contest, can’t wait to see the adorable little tutu’s!

  17. I always just pull the cord too . . . thanks for the heads up on that one! 🙂 Those girls look like there’s a lotta love between them!!!

  18. oops, I still sometimes pull plugs out the wrong way. I know the right way to do it, but sometimes I just can’t reach it…

    A pink one?! Awesome! I want to see pictures!

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