She put the beat down on Diego


At a birthday party this weekend, Diego was a hit…

Or, should I say, the kids hit Diego.
#1 had a blast.

She wasn’t messing around. And, she didn’t even know what was inside, or why she was beating Diego.
She just watched everybody else do it, and she took charge. Frankly, I’m a little scared at how much she enjoyed it.
It’s a good thing daddy wasn’t there to witness it, or I would be the newest softball/t-ball mom this side of town. She can really swing a stick.


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  1. She looks like she loved beating him with that. lol

    Girl you are brave, I would never let Kenley handle a stick like that. God knows what she would whack with it. lol

    Good times! And I think Diego should make an appearance at her party. lol

  2. Man she was seriously whipping up on Diego looks like. Sorry I haven't been by lately things have been more than a little crazy.

  3. YOU go girl! She does look like she was enjoying! I have never done pinta for the boys but we have been to parties with them before. Your girls are so beautifull! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Go Izzy! I know, my kids are thrilled anytime they get a chance to hit something! 😉

  5. Hilarious! I love the top right picture–it keeps making me laugh!

  6. Oh yeah, she's a little spitfire. She's just showing that Diego that she's not a girl to be messed with.

  7. It's ironic the way the we try to teach our children not to hit and then pull out the pinatas and bats at every birthday party! lol!

  8. Look at her go!!!
    Daddy might have the right idea! 😉 Would that fir into the October budget?!?! lol
    She looks like she had a great time! Was she excited when she found out what was in it?!?!

  9. Isn't if funny that they make pinatas of characters that kids love only to have the kids put the smack down on them? I never understood it! 🙂 Cute pics!

  10. it's funny isn't it to watch these sweet little girls go all sorts of crazy on a pinata!!

    where does this aggression come from?

  11. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do sometimes! LOL…very cute!

  12. Too cute. GO Izzy. Isn't it fun to see some natural talent…knowing that t-ball will be up her ally or tennis or something else with great eye-hand coordination.

  13. Hope there was some good candy in there. Love her pigtails! : )

  14. That is too funny! Ava keeps talking about getting a pinata for her birthday. And those pigtails are oh-so-cute!

  15. I have to tell you that I am just plain struck by how cute she looks in pigtails!! 🙂

    YAY for you being the next super mom of a Softball superstar!!!

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