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Well…what’s the deal?


Thanks for checking in on me today. We had a “technology free” day today at work…which basically just meant they were updating the network, so no internet for me.

Alas, I am still here and still pregnant and getting frustrated. I was told at 37 weeks they would consider induction at 39 weeks (because I’m quite far from my delivering hospital)….the only catch was that I was dilated. Well, I went in yesterday, and I was 1cm (more than I ever did with #1 when I was in labor) and 50% efface. So, we said I would go in Friday! Woohoo!

Then, after telling everybody that it would be Friday, they called and said, let’s wait until Sunday so you thin out. Okay, fine, if you insist.

This morning, I get yet another call saying they want me to come in Friday night and they will start Saturday morning. They said they would call later on today to let me know all of the final details. Okay, that’s even better. It’s much easier to be in the hospital on the weekend. Great…call the hubby again.

At 4:30pm, yet another call saying they want me to come in to the office tomorrow to get checked before finalizing anything for the induction.

Can you see my frustration? I know they are trying to look out for me, but why all of the wishy-washy-ness (yep, pretty sure I made that up)? I mean, they are inducing me to help me have a schedule and have a plan for #1 and it is constantly changing! Uggghhhhh!

So, please pray for my patience. I really need some.

And, hopefully, after my appointment tomorrow (at 11:50am), I will have a definite answer and know when this kid is coming out!


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  1. This is so exciting! Im saying a little prayer in my head right now “come on little one, come on!!”

  2. This is soo exciting! Frustrating that the dr.’s office can’t make up their minds, but exciting none the less!! Good luck, I hope they can make a schedule for you and stick to it. And my prayers will include patience and good health for you and the baby!!

  3. yipppeee!!

    you are going to have a baby this weekend honey!!

    praying for patience and a wonderful happy healthy delivery!!


  4. Wow!! How exciting and frustrating all at the same time!! I can’t believe you’re so close! Can’t wait to hear what you have!!

    Yay 🙂

  5. I remember when they told me they were going to induce me I was so excited that I had a plan. I’m a control freak so an induction really worked for me. I was suppose to go in Monday night at 5:30, I was to call first. Well at 5:25 I was on the phone hoping to be told to come on in, nope they didn’t have a bed for me and I was told “call back in an hour or two” oh my nerves!! Finally at 9:00 they called me to come in. I will tell you that with my induction I felt great. Yes there were times of discomfort (um hello, it’s called labor for a reason!) but overall a great experience. I will be thinking about you and wishing for a healthy baby and mama and a speedy and pain free delivery. Take care!!! 🙂

  6. I bet it’s really because the doc’s golf game keeps getting rescheduled 🙂
    Good luck. I can’t wait to see pics.

  7. I am so excited for you!!! I have been wondering where you were…

    I can’t wait for your appt so we know for sure when you are going to welcome baby #2 to the world 🙂

    Frustrating, maybe a little annoying…but SO exciting!

  8. First, I am so excited for you! But, I can totally see your frustration!!! I would be so excited/worried, and just want to know the details. Good luck!!

  9. Very frustrating on all the wishy-washy-ness, but Wow! Very exciting too!!!
    Very soon now! 🙂

  10. I’m so excited for you! I keep checking back often so be sure to keep us updated (well as much as you can).
    Wishing you the best labour ever, can’t wait to see pics of the new baby!

  11. Isn’t it kinda crazy that your baby’s birthday is in limbo? HA!

    I had the same situation with my first because my doctor got sick.

    Hope you get things solidified tomorrow…So excited to “meet” the new sweetie! Much love and prayers!

  12. You must have a pretty comfy home in your belly if none of your kids want to voluntarily come out!! Praying for you – enjoy every (hectic) moment of this though 🙂

  13. Oh Darlin’

    I will so pray for you and I understand your frustration. Completely.

    Good luck honey. Can’t wait to hear all about it and meet the new punkin’!

  14. Ok, big picture!!! IT IS SO SO SOON!!!

    Can’t wait for the big announcement!


  15. Jennifer-Colley says:

    cant wait for the little one to be here. I am excited to see pics and hear details! hope you get a date nailed down. I had the same thing happen to me and its hard bc you get your hopes set on a particular day. keep us updated!

  16. Ugh, I can definitely sense the frustration and will be praying for you.
    It is so much harder when you have to make arrangements for another child. I think we had about 20 different plans depending on certain situations.
    I hope they let you get started tomorrow. The wishywashyness probably has something to do with space in the hospital. My neighbor is a delivery room head nurse and she says that deliveries often come in waves and they sometimes have to change inductions because the rooms are all filled.
    Anyway, I will be praying for you, and an easy, safe delivery and a happy, healthy baby!

  17. Hmm, I appear to have comment block at the moment – especially since I’m trying to score some bonus points by being witty…

    Ah well, I’m just hoping your bundle of joy will arrive “on schedule”. I’m sure all the frustration will just melt away at the moment he/she arrives.


  18. I cannot wait! Though, I’m sure your feelings are a bit stronger on the issue 😉

    Don’t forget my text! Let me know what happens today at the dr!! I’ll be praying for you!

  19. OH my gosh…whether its today, tomorrow or Sunday, that is SOOO soon!!!
    I cant wait to hear…I’m going to make Stephanie text me when she gets the text!
    I know you are getting aggravated, but it will be worth it very soon!
    I will be praying for you both!

  20. Whew…I know when my sisters were pregnant they were BEGGING to get the labor started. hee hee. Good luck and I hope the plans firm up soon!!!


  22. good luck! i had this same stupid back and forth with my first… i broke down in tears when they told me no… i just wanted to get on with it…

    can’t wait to see pictures and read your stories…

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