Spring Break, Revisited


Here’s an update to my list from last week. I accomplished most of it!!

I get to spend time with my baby girl.
We spent time outside, inside, walking around and shopping. We had a great week together.

I get to hang out with Meg.
We went and got pedicures and ate at The Cheesecake Factory…yum!

I get to hang out with Ava.
Didn’t get to happen.

I get to hang out with Marty, Luke and Cassidy.
Sadly, I forgot my camera, but we hung out, played outside and had a good time together. We had pizza and cheesecake for dessert.

I’m going to the outlet mall.
Didn’t happen, either, but it’s probably a good thing. I did score some maternity jeans from The Gap for $13 while out and about with #1.

Hubby and I are going to a dinner function (with a sitter).
This happens tomorrow. We’re excited, though. I made enchiladas to bring.

Hubby and I are bringing dinner to a family.
Done. I hope they enjoy it!

We’re getting family pictures taken.
It wasn’t too painful! Well, maybe a bit, as it really tried Mr. Serious’s flexibility.

We’re getting #1’s 18 Month pictures taken.
They took about 50 of her (in between her stubborn episodes of wanting to only do what she wanted to do). Here’s one of the good ones.

Mr. Serious is giving me his gift certificate for a Spa (hmmm…..what to do?).
I decided to wait for the summer for this one. I never had a pregnancy massage, and they want you to be 14 weeks, so I’m going to use it then.

I’m getting my haircut.
I’m not the best at self-portraits, but it is sort of layered in the back with an angled bob.

Mr. Serious is taking a day off to spend with us.
Did that today. It was nice having him home. Although, I kept thinking it was Saturday all day.

I’m going to have time to go visit Steph, Christian and Preston.
Christian went to school, but I got to see Steph and baby Preston for a bit! He’s so tiny. I don’t remember #1 being that small, EVER!

Added one: take belly picture.
13 weeks, 1 day. I think the shirt makes me look a little bigger than I am. I’ve actually only gained about 1 pound! Woo hoo!


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  1. LOVE the haircut! And the family portraits & Izzy’s too. Love the toes – thanks for the reminder that mine currently are horrid…

    Glad you enjoyed your week off! So fun!

  2. Like the first of the belly pictures. Can’t wait for the progression. The picture of Iz is very sweet. And, you must get a pregnancy massage. I had them twice a month from week 20 onwards. It’s heavenly!

  3. Wow…loved the family pics, Izzys pics, the new haircut and the new do!! Sounds like a wonderful week! Enjoy your last few days!

  4. YAY!! Belly pics begin!!! Your family potraits look GREAT! and so do Izzy’s!! Great haircut too! sorry you didnt get to all of it, but you did do most of it!!!

  5. yea…. I love belly pictures (of others – not mine). Cute belly.

    Cute cut.

  6. I love the bob! super cute.
    And the family pic is great.

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