Hoping we never ever need this


I hope and pray we never ever need this (doing a voodoo dance, knocking on wood and all of that)!

But, considering we have three kids, the event of a lice out break at one of our kids’ schools is pretty likely. But we have Lice Shield on hand just in case.

Lice Shield NewImage

Lice Shield is a safe, effective and easy to protect your children and your family during the risky period of lice infestation. Lice Shield has been specially formulated with a blend of essential oils (including citronella, geraniol and rosemary) that have been scientifically demonstrated to help repel lice, providing over 80% repellency.

Both products can be used in place of a child’s regular hair routine during a period of infestation and were designed with kids’ finer hair and sensitive scalps in mind.

·Shampoo & Conditioner in 1 – Gentle enough for daily use and contains extra conditioners for a tangle-free formula.

·Leave-In Spray – Uses light detanglers to aid in hair combing and is perfect to use in wet or dry hair, as well as on hats, helmets and winter gear.

We haven’t tried it out yet. And like I said, I hope we don’t have to. While it’s okay for every day use, it has a pretty strong citronella smell to me. It’s not my favorite smell, so we’re saving it for that “just in case” time.

I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. I like light smelling hair products, I don’t want to feel like I’ve dumped cologne all over my head, lol. I REALLY love the smell of baby shampoo!

  2. Seriously though, we had a HORRID lice issue last school year. My daughter kept coming home with it and passing it around through the other kids. It went on for like 3 months, until we got out for the summer. Talk about a nightmare. I almost pulled her out of school over it. Using a preventative treatment like this is well worth the money for me. I spent TONS on lice treatment. Not to mention detergent and water washing clothes and sheets, and cleaning carpets.

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