DDR-Serious Baby Style


I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Nintendo had in mind for their Dance, Dance Revolution game.  But, seriously, they were loving it.

#2 was stomping her feet, and #1 was jumping around (in a very non-Belle like manner-see princess dress below).  BTW, have I mentioned that we are totally not fans of calling our #1 “Belle.”  It so doesn’t work for her or for us…just saying.

DSC_4922 DSC_4920 DSC_4921

And, it was pretty sweet too, to see them holding hands like that. 

But, I also particularly like #2’s body language in the first picture.  It sort of says “what, you wanna mess with me?” but with a smile on her face.


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  1. total adorableness 🙂

    these are the kind of pictures you pull out when they are teenagers screaming at each other.

    not that they will ever do that. but just in case.

  2. So cute seeing them play together. And the first picture is definitely a "what?!" gesture. LOVE it.

  3. too cute. i love it when you can catch them doing something together.

  4. LOVE the first picture! Seriously…your girls are beyond adorable and cute! xo

  5. LOL! I think that is the perfect thing to do with that game! 🙂

  6. I Love dance revolution! (almost as much as they do!)
    What cute pics! They have the prettiest smiles!!
    I would have never even thought to call Isabelle "that"! lol
    It just doesnt "fit" her! 🙂

  7. Her body language absolutely says that! All she needs is a backwards ball cap…

  8. i to love the fist pic! she is showing some attitude!
    they look like they are going to be super close sisters!

  9. They are the CUTEST little sisters…and I LOVE Izzy's dress!

  10. I not much of a fan for Bella either. Just thought I would throw that in there because I KNOW that my opinion matters.

  11. Not Bella…Belle. I like Bella, but that's my dog. Or dawg, if Nat prefers that I say it that way. ??

  12. I HAVE to get them the Disney DDR! Hopefully soon, now that they will both enjoy it!

  13. So cute friend! Love it! The dress, the tough girl, and the total dance revolution "pair" style!

    How fun!!

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