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As soon as I saw an early screening of ZOOTOPIA, I knew I would own it for our family. There is so much good in the movie for all ages. Little kids won’t get all of the messages, but the bigger kids will and even the adults will. I wrote 5 reasons you should see ZOOTOPIA after that screening and I don’t waiver from that. In fact, I even went back and paid to take my older three girls to the theater to see the movie because it’s that good. I also made a great free ZOOTOPIA custom printable with a Judy Hopps quote that you can grab below.

free custom judy hopps zootopia printable

Now, it’s out on Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital TV on June 7th. We got our hands on an early release copy and it took everything to get the kids through dinner before watching the movie.

free zootopia judy hopps quote printable

When the runaway hit arrives home on Digital HD, Blu-ray™, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand (does not include bonus) platforms June 7, 2016, viewers will not only be able to enjoy the vibrant world of Zootopia and reunite with their favorite characters, but also discover more about the evolution of this extraordinary tale through in-depth bonus offerings.

Features include candid conversations with filmmakers and artists behind Zootopia, an alternate opening, never-before-seen characters and deleted scenes and a sneak peek at some of the hidden Easter Eggs that make reference to Disney Animation’s most beloved films and characters.

Also, there is a fun feature you can check out on Facebook from now until June 8th…so head over and check it out:

Judy Takes Over Facebook Messenger And Seeks Your Help to Crack Her Next Case, June 1-8, 2016 Rookie Rabbit Officer Judy Hopps is commandeering Facebook Messenger and seeking your help to solve the Zootopia Police Department’s hottest new case. Volunteers are invited to visit the Zootopia Facebook page and click on the Message icon, where they can chat with Judy directly and follow a series of clues to help solve the mystery. This live chat was built through a partnership with imperson, which creates premium conversational bots called Chat Personas that converse in natural language and can be tailored with distinct yet authentic personalities—in this case, the eternally optimistic and determined Judy Hopps.

When you watch the movie, there really are great messages. One of the messages kept sticking with me. It’s not only good for children, it’s good for adults and teenagers and well every human.

I needed to make a printable sign to put that quote in my girls’ room so I could frame it and they could see it every day! You can grab the free ZOOTOPIA printable and print it out at home, too. Once you save the file, open it up (it’s a pdf) and print it using your software. Before printing, I recommend using 5×7 photo paper and adjusting the size of your paper in your printer software. However, it will work to print it on larger paper, too. Just make sure you make it fit the paper.

Free zootopia printable horz

Once you have it printed, put it in a frame, and place it where you or your kids need to see it. And, talk about it, too. Talk about why it’s important to make the world a better place. Why it’s important to be the light in the world. Why it’s important to be the change.

Zootopia wall hanging printable

Disney has also put together a great set of activities that you can download and print at home, too! You can pre-order ZOOTOPIA now, or order it when it comes out from Amazon and they will deliver it to your porch!

Check out this great Frozen Trivia printable (click to grab, download and print at home).

And, a fun Cinderella printable (click to grab, download and print at home).
Free Cinderella Have Courage and Be Kind Printable

I received an advance copy of ZOOTOPIA for my post. All thoughts are my own. If they wouldn’t have sent it, I would have bought it anyways!

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I like the free Zootopia custom printable. I think that this is such a good family movie that my son and daughter love watching. Thanks for the printable. It is an awesome saying to put in a frame!

  2. Birdiebee says:

    This is a movie that I am headed out to purchase today for the grandkids as everyone is telling me this is an awesome movie. Thank you for the printable!

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