5 Fun Things for Kids to Do This Summer


School has been out for a week for us, while most of the country still has at least a week to a month left of the school year. So, we are already in the thick of summer. I’ve looked, planned, discussed and looked some more to come up with fun things for them to do this summer. Of course, there’s always camp mom (and we are doing that now), but they enjoy being out, doing new things and exploring, so we have set that up, too! Basically, I want these kids to have some fun this summer and I’m okay with spending some money to get them out doing things they don’t normally do during the school year.

Keep on reading for a sweet deal on one of these fun things, too with Play Your Court below.

5 Fun Things for Kids to Do This Summer

Some of these options can take place in your neighborhood or backyard. Others, the kids might get to go on an adventure further from home for a day, or even a week or two! We haven’t ventured into an overnight camp just yet, but it’s coming soon!

Day Camps

Day camps are a great way for kids to have a day long adventure, often for a week at a time. Most of these camps will have a theme, from music, arts and crafts, adventure, LEGO and more. I have a great list of Atlanta Summer Camps that you can check out. If you are looking for a science camp in Atlanta, I have you covered as well.

Away Camps

I remember my first away camp. I actually spent a week away at a YMCA camp at a lake about an hour from my house. We slept in cabins, didn’t have hot water and came back to our cabin one day with a snake on our leader’s bed. Good times, right?

But, seriously, it’s a really fun experience and you really have to learn more about yourself and being nice and helpful to others. It’s a totally different ball game. Plus, you make amazing friends that you can later be pen-pals with and maybe even meet up in the years following.

Swim Lessons

We found a great swim instructor on recommendation from a local friend. It’s been great having lessons for our non-swimmers who are now swimmers as well as enforcing and adding more to our swimmer’s knowledge. I like scheduling it at the very beginning of the summer as they will have the most benefit to practice what they have learned. And, we might very well schedule a follow-up lesson a little later in the summer if we feel like it might be beneficial.

I highly recommend finding somebody local to help. We’ve done the lessons both at our neighborhood pool, and recently, our instructor had a pool put in her back yard and does the lessons at her house. And, it turns out she has it heated, so we could have started a little earlier this year.

Personal swim lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons

Yep. Horseback riding lessons. My kids have been asking for ages for lessons. While I want to try to make it work, I haven’t yet. Why? Fear of them really liking it and me somehow ending up owning a horse or four. And, not because I don’t think it would be fun or awesome. But, I think horses are kind of expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Tennis Lessons

When we were first married, Mr. Serious and I lived in an apartment complex that offered tennis lessons. I had never played tennis before. It was a lot of fun and a good workout, too. And, the only think I had to purchase was a tennis racquet.

It turns out, just like the swimming lessons we’ve done, there are also tennis lessons that are affordable for everyone and available at many locations (they will work with you to find a location ideal for both you and the coaches). You can do this through Play Your Court, which offers a better way to take tennis lessons for everyone, especially families. They actually do lessons for adults and kids and their lessons and packages are at least $15-$25 cheaper than what tennis clubs offer.

All of their pros are ranked according to customer service reviews and feedback, some will help you work on a killer serve, and others will help you return lobs like it’s a profession. The company’s founder (who played tennis his entire life including Division 1 at University) vets every one of their pros personally, so that they only bring on the very best of them. They will help you find the pro that is just right for you or your child.

5 Fun Things for Kids to Do This Summer

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Check out Play Your Court and use coupon code RUSERIOUS for $25 off of your lesson.

My girls are looking forward to all of the fun summer activities we have planned. I know that we will keep them busy, engaged and learning without even thinking about learning!

If you are looking for more, check out 365 Atlanta Family’s list of 60+ Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Atlanta This Summer.

What are you looking forward to your children doing this summer? Or what are they looking forward to?

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