How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree



A few weeks ago, we tested out the new tgoma system with Springfree Trampolines. It was a huge hit.  The girls aren’t big gamers on tablets, but this was right up their alley. The tgoma (Take Gaming Outside and Make It Active) inspires them to be active, play a game while playing on a screen.

Well, our trampoline arrived and was installed and a day hasn’t passed with good weather that they haven’t been jumping on it. Many times, they are just free jumping or playing with the basketball hoop.

It's Tgoma with Springfree time

What the tgoma has done is inspire them to go outside and jump even more. The love the exercise and fitness options the most (that guide them through exercises), but the games are a hoot, too. They might not want to go jump at a certain time, but knowing that they get to take a tablet with them and they are in control of it, means they will try to go jump when their sisters aren’t watching so they can get in some extra uninterrupted jumping time.

There were some things I wanted to point out that can help with the installation and setup of the tgoma app on your tablet.

A couple things I’m assuming: That you have a Springfree trampoline installed and setup, that is has a tgoma system on it and that the tgoma has been calibrated.

The App

The tgoma system involves a series of sensors and cables and transmitter/receiver on the trampoline. It also requires the download of an app available in both the google play and apple store.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

The tablet

What I didn’t realize is that there are certain system requirements for the device on which you are loading the app. It also required your own tablet as it doesn’t come with one.

The tgoma app will run on tablets with the following minimum specs:

Apple: iPad 3 or more recent (1 or 2 not supported) iPad Mini & iPad Air Screen size between 7” and 11” (ie, tablets, not phones) Android:

Android: operating system 4.4 or more recent Bluetooth 4 (also known as LE) or more recent Screen size between 7” and 11” (ie, tablets, not phones) If you are trying to use tgoma on any device outside of these specs tgoma will not work correctly. Note: Windows tablets are NOT currently supported and will not work with Tgoma

Bluetooth and Wifi

Once you download the app, you will need to enable a bluetooth connection and turn on the wifi. I recommend you enable the wifi near your wireless router and setup. Our doesn’t work with wireless in the backyard. The bluetooth will work close to the trampoline.

You will initially need to be in Wi-Fi range for three things: 1) to download the tgoma app 2) to buy games from the tgoma Store section 3) to load a game/app for the first time. After that you can play tgoma without Wi-Fi. Please note: Wi-Fi connection is needed to see global leaderboards and events. You should start the application within Wi-Fi range to receive the latest software updates before going outside to play.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

Setting up your account

Setting up an account required wifi along with an email address and the six digit serial number of the tgoma. You can find this on the sticker attached to the front of your tgoma Installation Manual or on the side of the box your tgoma was packed in. You will need this serial number in order to complete the registration of your tgoma Family Account, as well as your warranty.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

Setup checklist

Once the account is set up, you will need to connect to your controller (which requires bluetooth). Then, you will need to select your trampoline model number/size and do the tablet positioning.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

This is the screen you might see when connecting to your controller.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

You will then need to go out to the trampoline, place the tablet in the tablet holder and set the tablet position. The screen will display and direct you as to where to stand and tell you to jump until it knows where you are. We had issues with this step as it wasn’t registering the jumping. Just like any other device, after calling Springfree’s tech support (just to make sure we were doing it correctly), they had us close down the tgoma app and reopen it. This time, it only took like 5-10 jumps and it was completed. (We also removed all of the balls from the trampoline before doing the actual positioning.)

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

New players

Create new players within the app so that everybody can keep track of their games and scores. You can easily switch between players too.

The games

Once you download and set up tgoma on your tablet, you still have a little more work to do. I recommend coming back into your house and closer to your wifi connection. We tried doing this next part outside and it kept failing.

You will have to go to the tgoma shop and download the individual games and apps. There are 7 total tgoma games that you will have to “purchase” using the 3000 free tgoma tokens that each user is provided. The don’t download until you try to use the games, so even if you’ve purchased them, once you click on the game, it starts the downloading process. It’s much better to do them all at once, and if possible, I recommend doing it before your kids are ready to use it. Unless you want a little lesson in patience.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

It’s game time

Once all of the games are downloaded, you no longer need a wifi connection and you can play a ton of fun math games for the older kids and squashing games for the littler ones. tgomaFit is great for everybody, too. It comes preloaded with 26 different excercises and 5 pre-set workouts to get you moving! The app allows you to track the time spent jumping and the calories burned.

Our 7 year old actually has been enjoying tgomaFit the most!

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

You can see the tablet mounted in the holder, with the tgomaFit demo on the screen and most importantly, her jumping and exercising.

How to Setup your tgoma System on your tablet with Springfree

The tgoma is incredibly easy to use. In fact, once we got it all set up, my 7 and 9 year olds have been running the show on their own accounts. There were a couple hiccups along the way, but nothing that defeated us! We have been very happy with it and enjoy the exercising and fun we are having while using tgoma.

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  1. Looks awesome!!! Does your family still love the trampoline and TGOMA? I am going to get one for my family soon.

    1. Yes, the kids love it! And so do the neighbors:) they all like to jump and bounce and play games.

  2. Could the tgoma system on any trampoline? If we have a non-SpringFree trampoline could you setup the tgoma system still? It sounds like it is just some sensors so I’d assume so, but figured a true user would know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Frank

      Good question. I asked this when we first got it. Unfortunately, you can’t retro-fit another trampoline. You can’t even add tgoma to a Springfree trampoline that didn’t come with tgoma. The sensors are actually a part of the trampoline surface.

  3. Have you figured out how to change the batteries on the blue box? It’s driving me crazy … I cannot seem to get it apart!

    1. Yes, you literally separate the blue from the black part. It just pulls apart. I use a butter knife in the crack top pop it apart if I can’t get a good grip. I hope that helps.

      1. Thank you! I was gripping the blue part too hard … when I held only the black and pressed with both thumbs, it worked. I thought I was going nuts. 🙂 It certainly is secure!
        I love the fitness apps for tgoma. You can get a 20 minute workout in 6 minutes!

        1. It’s very secure. I thought I needed a screwdriver at first and unscrewed everything!

          Yes, those fitness apps are no joke!

  4. Amy Queen says:

    What size tablet did you use and did you find it adequate?

  5. Hi,
    Can you help? When the kids press the games we can see the arrow at the top of the screen and the music is playing but the rest of the screen is blank. Kids are frustrated, help!!!

    1. Sorry I’m just now seeing this, Beth. We had an issue trying to use it with too small of an iPad and too old of one. I wonder if that’s the issue? If not, maybe try another tablet to see if that helps? Otherwise maybe reach out to Springfree. Good luck!

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