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I have a serious case of Wii Fit-itis!


Wii-a mini little thing that can be used as a torture devise
Fit-the opposite of me

Yes, that’s right. I am so out of shape. My Wii Fit has me hurting in places I have forgotten even existed. I have Wii Fit-itis forearm from tennis. I have Wii Fit-itis hips from hula hoop game. I have Wii Fit-itis quads from the lunges. It’s a good thing, right?

In addition to Wii Fit, hubby received Dance, Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2 from yours truly. If you don’t have this game, you must get it. It is hilarious. Yes, we have rhythym and we can dance, but man, this game is hard. Just watch this “expert.”
We are the complete opposite of this.

It is hilarious. During the game, it says “nobody moves like you.” That’s right DDR, that’s because nobody wants to move like me. Let’s just say, I get all ghetto…my booty starts moving and I have fun. You should see me do Tootsie Roll.

So, yes, I am out of shape, but I’m working on it. It is so fun, Wii Fit-itis and all!

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  1. hahah – hilarious!! I like your new word!! I was sore from bowling!!! if you saw me bowl, you would understand 🙂

  2. Where have you found a Wii Fit?? I have been looking literally EVERYWHERE and cannot find it. My arm doesn’t move backwards or up right now due to tennis and bowling. And my fingers are cramped from Mario Kart.

    You get Mario Kart and I’ll get DDR and we can be friends online. Such fun!

  3. Ok so jacob has been wanting a WiiFit. Gues I need to get to work on getting him one. And the DDR looks like so much fun. I may have to get that too cause well ya know I’m all about the booty shaking.

  4. Hahaha! I got a Wii for my birthday last December and I woke up in so much pain the next morning that I had to take a ton of ibuprofen! Glad you are enjoying it! I really need to get DDR…

  5. Isn’t it funny how a video game can make you hurt in places that you did not even know it was possible to hurt in.

    I think that DDR sounds like so much fun…I am putting it on my Birthday Wish List. That should help get me moving too!

  6. haha, lol! i think that you are going to be one in shape mama after all of that stuff!! xoxo, C

  7. That is awesome!!!! I so want to try the wii fit! and now dance revolution!!

  8. That guy has way too much time on his hands, come on…

    We’ve got wii-something-itis here too, it’s generally just in the gut though from laughing at Henry driving Mario Kart backwards 🙂

  9. we so got a wii for christmas and my arm is SO sore. i want the wii fit so i can get sore in places that NEED to be sore…:0)

  10. HAHA, cracked me up! I need to get one! I am on the workout kick myself… you’ll see on my new dreadful post idea for tomorrow.

  11. I want to get that so bad. Maybe for my birthday in April. Glad you are having a great time…pain and all!

  12. Oh I hear you on that!! We just got a Wii Fit for Elisabeth (me) and I am sore in places I haven’t been sore in years!!! I want to get the dance dance revolution next, but I will probably wait until we have a larger living room. My clutsy butt will probably fall a few times when I first try it, and I would like my coffee table not break my fall. 😉

  13. Ok, I have rhythym, but when it comes to Dance dance Revolutions, I feel like a complete tard and cant seem to master it. Glad to hear you have a leg up.
    I got a Wii for Christmas and want the Fit so bad. On my list 🙂

  14. Hilarious! We play Wii Tennis when we babysit and I’m ALWAYS sore the next day…

  15. Ok I just have to tell you, yesterday I worked out like CRAZY on my Wii. Today I’m moving around worse like an old, old lady who’s diaper is full and needs to be changed. Sorry for that graphic picture, but it’s how INCREDIBLY sore I am!!!

  16. You should have put a video of you or Papa Bear dancing! I just think they need to create a booty sensor…you would be expert in no time!

  17. I love my Wii Fit! I think the yoga is so relaxing! It takes time to get used to, but your “itis” will go away eventually.

  18. I love my Wii Fit! I think the yoga is so relaxing! It takes time to get used to, but your “itis” will go away eventually.

  19. We love our Wii!! Haven’t busted the Wii Fit outta the box yet, but I really really should!

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