This time, I’m Serious


In August, we were ready to do it.

We were dedicated.

We bought the shoes.

We had the heart rate monitors

We bought the machine (which happened to come with it’s own lube?).

We were ready.

Elliptical and fitness here we come.

And, you all are laughing now, right?

What was I thinking? I was 7 months pregnant with a one and a half year old and a full time job! HAHA! That so didn’t happen.

I think I have been on the elliptical about 3 times since we bought it.

Mr. Serious did a little better. And then #2 got here.

And 6 months later…we’ve got to get in shape. And, it isn’t just about the fitness, either. We are both tired and cranky. We need the escape. We need to sweat and get out our day’s frustrations.

Yesterday, I told Mr. Serious when he got home that we were exercising. I told him I would start at 8 and he gets 8:30. Once I said it out loud, I had to do it. He was my accountability partner. And it worked. We both did it.

Now I’ve just got to keep at it. The first time is the hardest and then it gets easier. I should know this. I’m a certified aerobics instructor.

So, I’m going to stick with it. I have to. So I can be a better wife and a better mother! Here’s to fitness!

(And, now I have to get over the fact that I’m going to have to wash my hair more!)

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  1. Good to know it does get easier. Good for you guys! LMAO at the hair comment! So true!

  2. Hi! I’m Chelle’s sister(from Creative Mamma) …

    Just want to confirm that it DOES get way easier! Once you make the commitment just stick to it and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. And once you start to SEE the results? AWESOME!

    Good job taking the first step! That is the hardest part!

  3. You’re right, it’s tough to get started but it’s SO worth it. You will both feel better and so will the kids, since you do! : )

  4. I hope you stick with it! I have a GIANT treadmill in the basement that will probably stay down there for years collecting dust! We would probably use it except our builder neglected to put outlets at various spots in the basement so we can’t plug the darn thing in!

  5. Good for you!

    Althouh, I am with you with the extra hair-washing! It seems like it takes a whole extra bushel’s worth of effort!

  6. Oh, I am SO JEALOUS–I want an elliptical so bad! All we have is a crummy, boring treadmill. Good luck!

  7. I have felt encouraged once I opened up myself to the internet. Do you know how many people now know how much I weigh, lol!

  8. We have an elliptical too and since I lost my job it’s definitely been getting used a lot more!

    I find what helps me exercise is DVRing my favorite shows and ONLY watching them while I exercise. It makes working out a little less ‘have to’ since I get to catch up on my shows!!

  9. My husband and I ended up giving the elliptical away after much non-use! But we are in on day 4 of our Family Fitness Challenge, where there is $350 on the line! (Money motivates him… kicking his butt in competition motivates me!)

  10. We have a treadmill in my house…now that it’s nice weather down here we prefer to walk outside though…Way to go on the elliptical!! Keep up the good work!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Love, Mere

  11. You know what, I read this post and the little light went off in my head. I have been SO CRANKY on the phone with Sidnei…I konw that sounds terrible…we’ve had a rough week, but it’s MY fault. I am too stressed out. And I’ve just realized that I stopped doing what was helping me before…

    Time to put the running shoes back on…

    Thanks 🙂

    And Good Luck!!

  12. uhm can you get me re-motivated?? my hell/club week turned out to be just that – a week. not exactly the life change i was hoping for!

    high five to you and hubby!!

  13. I have gotten out of my healthy eating and exercise routine and today is my first day back. I AM exercising tonight…I have to get back into it because it does make me feel so much better!

    Good Luck!

  14. Good luck girly! It will get easier with time 🙂 Kick that ellipticals butt 🙂

  15. My husband and I used to run miles together everyday! Yes, I said miles! After our second son was born, I completely stopped. I need to get back into a workout routine. Maybe reading your blog is what I needed! Thanks!

  16. Tell. me. about. it.

    Brandon & I finally had to get up and do something too. I always used to all to famous excuse of "I don't have time." I had to make time. It's a must. It makes me feel better.

    Best of luck to you & Mr. Serious! Keep it up!!!

  17. So this is what I really meant to say…

    I always used the all too famous excuse of “I don’t have time.”

    Really, I’m serious.

  18. It does make you feel better. Good luck. Hope you get into it and make it a habit. Keep us posted.

  19. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I went as far as to take pictures of myself in boy shorts and sports bra, and said if I hit the measurements I wanted I would post before and after ON THE INTERNET. Then I wised up and realized nobody really wants to see all that. But whatever keeps you honest, right?

  20. GO GO GO! You can do it. Now, send some of the vibes over here please. I can’t seem to work it in either.

    For the hair, baby powder works wonders! 🙂 I am on day 3 without washing my hair (did I just admit it). Granted I haven’t excersized, but I have done some major cleaning and walking with the kids (worked up a small sweat).

  21. From a person who is trying (for the 5th time now) to start the Couch to 5k program, good luck! (And I am so with you on the hair)

  22. Good for you and Papa Bear! David wants ne to work out with him tomorrow, and I agreed…then he told me it’s a 2 hour workout! Holy CRAP! I will let you know if I survive!

  23. I wish you much luck with this. I have a treadmill and have been on it once in two years! So terrible!

  24. You Go Girl!!! I want an elliptical BAD. I think I would even use it (even if it meant *sigh* I would have to wash my hair more often…) Good Luck!

  25. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    I’m already making that pledge once the twins come. So I wish you luck (as I down a ho-ho).

  26. Way to go, Krystyn and Mr. Serious!! That’s the first step–just forcing yourself to do it 🙂

    I am begging Leo for one…I am DYING to be thinner and in shape!

    Keep us posted, hon!!

  27. I totally hear you on the hair thing! I thought I was the only one!!
    I also started getting back into shape this week. I started running again. So tough but so worth it!

  28. We got one given to us by a friend back in September. And, no, I too have not been on it much. I go in spurts, longest being a few weeks without getting on it. I really love it though, so much better than a treadmill.

    I actually just sat down here from being on it for as long as I could go. I can always tell a difference when it’s been a while. So, I’m determined, too, to stay with it!

    I’m still trying to get the hubby on it, as he claims it was his favorite when he used to go to the gym. Right now he’ll use the excuse he’s sick, since he is.

  29. I need some inspiration over here!
    Good for you both though!!
    Its been so pretty here the last few weeks and I know I will kick my self in the butt once it gets hot! lol

  30. blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    You can do this! Especially since you’re a certified aerobics instructor.

    On that end, any recommendations on the best shoes for aerobics? Mine are so old and are killing me!

  31. Amen to exercise! My hubby keeps telling me he’s exhausted in teh evenings and he doesn’t know why – I tell him GO FOR A RUN, but he would rather sit on the couch. I tell you what – as soon as #3 comes – we are out that door and joinning a club and I am MAKING him get up and do it in the mornings. It’ll make for a happier family in the long run.
    Good luck – and stick with it!

  32. Good for you! There are totally some days that I don’t exercise because I don’t want to wash my hair. And some days that I do exercise and don’t wash my hair! lol.

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