Betty…she can make a cook out of anybody.


After my last baking disaster, I was contacted by a Betty Crocker representative. I’m not sure if there is a correlation or not, but nonetheless.

She directed me to a site where you get help making birthday cakes (since clearly, I needed some). It seemed too easy. You can make princess bakes, butterflies, jeans and more.

So, being the brave sole that I am, I decided to make a butterfly cake. And, by I, I mean, I instructed my sister to make it. Aunt Emily loves to bake with #1…so while I ran to the store to exchange some pants I got as an early Christmas present (my mom thinks I’m A LOT smaller than I am)…wait, where was I? That’s right. The cake.

So, we made a birthday cake for Jesus. She baked it.

round cake in pan I took it out of the pan (after it cooled this time thankyouverymuch). Then, cut it in half. halved round cake Reversed the halves, cut out the notches and used those for the body. making cake into a butterfly shape Then, we frosted it together.
frosting butterfly cake And, she decorated it. Viola….a cake that isn’t ruined. It’s no Picasso, but it was pretty cute, and the kids loved it.

completed butterfly cake

It actually makes two cakes, so we let #1 decorate one, too. She was VERY sprinkle happy. I’m pretty sure there were two containers worth of sprinkles on her cake. Let’s just say it was a little crunchy.
putting sprinkles on cake
happy with her cake

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  1. That is awesome honey! That butterfly cake looks fantastic sweetheart. I made that for Princess’ first birthday and it remains one of my favorites!
    What a fabulous helpful sight! Kudos for you chica!!

  2. The cake came out adorable! i bet you girls had fun with it!! My all time favorite cake is strawbarry cake (or cupcakes) with RAIMBOW CHIP frosting!! Seriously, might be my favorite thing ever and rainbow chip is IMPOSSIBLE to find now! Brings a tear to my eye talking about because I haven’t had it in forever!!!

  3. yay! you (I mean Emily) did great!!! haha

    I am having a hard time deciding what my favorite is! I like the Hamburger one and the Purse Cake… and now you just gave me a new idea for Brian’s birthday (Jan 7th)!! I am DEF going to make a cake off this site – even if I dont win the contest!! thanks for the info!!

  4. Wow! Look how far you’ve come. I’m so proud 🙂

    I like the train cake best but that looks a bit hard for my undomesticated self.

    I will look into these other things you speak of – following and linking to the blog. I thought I did that? Hmmm…I am apparently blog challenged for all this new stuff! Yikes!

  5. I am in love with the purse cake and think that would be the perfect theme for a 3 year old girl! A purse party!! LOVE IT!!

  6. Which of course means I have subscribed too!!!

    Can you tell I will do just about anything for a little free cake and icing, not to mention a trip to target!! YEEEEE-HAAAAA!!

  7. That pirate cake is adorable! Theres a toss up between that and the train!

  8. Subscriber too! Man, I sure hope I win this! lol
    I need to post my pic of the cake for Landons party! I tried to Betty!

  9. I posted about the contest, and I am a follower now… I dont know how to Subscribe… I have you on my Google Reader… does that count???

  10. ohhh i love the dinosaur cake! I think I need to try something out…hook me up sister!

  11. Also, I subscribe already! Does that count? *insert big smile here*

  12. that is great-i am printing this off now. my friend LOVES butterflies and her bday is in Jan! thanks for sharing this sweet treat 🙂 love it!

  13. Ok I cheated on the whole put this first thing.. .please still include me 🙂
    I have to say my favorite is teh butterfly 🙂 REALLY it is 🙂

  14. I am such a sucker for contests! My fav would be plain old chocolate cake (well not old cake…well, you know what I mean).

  15. Hahaha! I can’t believe Betty Crocker contacted you.
    That cake is so cute. Isabella did a great job on hers too.
    I would love to win your little giveaway. I have to make Austin a cake for his birthday which is tomorrow, but we aren’t celebrating it until later in January since it is so close to Christmas.

  16. I’m a subscriber!! have been for pretty much the entire time I have blogged actually…

  17. Your cake turned out great! I think I could handle something like that.

    My favorite Betty Crocker Birthday cake is the Space Shuttle. That looks so cool and Carter would love it.

    Fun contest!

  18. I blogged about it and linked it on my page!! Woo-hoo..look at all my entries now!

  19. I LIKE a couple of the cakes. The Sailboat and the Space Native ONE will be five Jan. this gives me ideas! I love the Butterfly cake…so girly!

  20. OOO and you know I follower YOU religiously!

  21. Got to love that rubber ducky cake (especially since duck was the first word for all three of my kids).

    Happy New Year!

  22. Go look at my beautiful picture. I now follow your blog. 🙂

  23. Alright, I love the train cake, it’s perfect for 3 Train obsessed Boys. I think I will be making it this week! And I have to add that I love both butterfly cakes! When they Boys do sprinkles, they sprinkle one and just eat the rest straight…At least it makes diaper time kind of like a party, you know with confetti! 🙂

  24. OK the best BC cake had to be the roller coaster cake of course I don’t have a picture of it. Your post has now inspired me to go create a cake masterpiece!

  25. Well, you know I’m in! I might have to add myself a couple of additional entries too because I LOVE the new button!

    My favorite…the burger cake! How unexpected is THAT?! Too funny!

  26. I added your button to my page, but go look at it….there is a strange symbol underneath it….I don’t know how to get it off. Any suggestions?

  27. I love cake. I love Betty Crocker blue berry muffins the best though.

    Great giveaway and very cool butterfly cake! Cute idea.

  28. I hate to have to repeat myself but your button is up on my blog! : )

  29. I can’t believe I haven’t enetered this yet – I put your button up!

  30. Ok, I didn’t see it on the website this time, but it used to be there. My favorite is the Ice Cream Cone cakes. It’s Betty Crocker cake baked in ice cream cones. I made them for Jack’s 2nd birthday and all the kids were REALLY disappointed when they realized it wasn’t real ice cream!

  31. My favorite cake is a bunny head cake made from two round cakes. One round cake is the face. You cut two ears from each side of the other circle and then use the piece left in the middle to make a bow tie. It turns out to be a cute bunny head with bow tie.

    I have been trying to add your button to my sidebar but I must be doing something wrong. I copied the picture of the button to my computer pictures but when I tried to upload it and put it on my sidebar it said that it could not be uploaded. I tried copying the http stuff below the picture and paste it in but nothing happened.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I get it to work?

  32. is this where i tell you I am carrying your button?? 🙂

    can i get one of those?

  33. I am also a follower.
    But, you already knew that…right?

  34. Oh…cake! Yummm…I have been craving a yummy cake for so long!

    My favorite is the ladybug cake–how cute!! I love ladybugs…and that cake looks too yummy!

    Awesome giveaway–the yummiest by far! Thank you!

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