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She has a name…she has a name!


Baby Girl #4 finally has a name. It took us a while to agree on one and commit to it! And, even more surprisingly, Mr. Serious picked out her first name. 

Then, the middle name took even longer, but we finally got that, too.

I was sneaky though. I was hemming and hawing to Mr. Serious, and not giving the final okay to commit, but I already had a necklace on order to show him I was on board. All of my girls’ initials on one necklace.

She has a name!

How mean am I, though? First, I made him sit and wait and wonder what sort of crazy name I was going to come up with…wait, I don’t come up with crazy names…he’s the one that throws out “Salsa” and “Salt.” Like those go with the names we already have?

But, second, I’m mean because I’m telling you all that we have a name picked out and I’ll I’m going to tell you is that it starts with a “B!” So, in order of initials from Mr. Serious through the girls, it’s M-I-N-E-B. We couldn’t come up with anything that would make it work and spell a word. But, if I move baby girl B up to the front, I’ve got B-M-I-N-E! And, I like it. They are all MINE! 

(I think I’m going to withhold the middle initial for the time being, too….nobody knows her name except Mr. Serious and me!)

Glitterazzi Review

The necklace was sent to me by Glitterazzi Jewels, a local Atlanta-area jewelry store. I looked around her store, and came up with the idea of different shapes, and materials for each of their initials. I think it’s fun and different. I do wish that I had requested the material be a little thicker and maybe had spacers. The letters tend to twist and turn a bit, but it’s more about the piece and the initials for me then it is for everybody else to read them. 

I really like this one with the decorative spacers and the birthstones. I was really close to requesting them, but considering Baby B is due 12/31, I’m not sure what her birth stone will be yet!


You can also fine Glitterazzi Jewels on Facebook. And make sure you check out the store, too because she’s got some amazing deals right now…perfect for Christmas/Holiday presents that you can completely customize.

Also, she would like to give a $50 gift certificate to one lucky Really, Are You Serious? reader! Enter below on the rafflecopter form.

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*I received the necklace to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own. No compensation was received.


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  1. I’d get the necklace with my kids initials and birthstones. I’ve wanted one since my first was born and now that we have a second and are probably done with babies, the hubby is not getting the hints!

  2. I’d buy the Nurture Your Flame inspirational message necklace for my niece.

  3. Heather B. says:

    Cute necklace. I can’t wait to hear what you picked!

  4. Nicole Heffernan says:

    The necklace is beautiful.

  5. I love the necklace with the birthstones and initials! Can’t wait to find out what B stands for!

  6. Cannot wait until ALL is revealed upon her birth. Such an exciting time for you all!!

  7. You suck. I wanna know!!! Is it another “old lady” name? (Her words not mine!)

    1. My unborn daughter is already talking? Or my words?

      Guess you’ll have to wait and see:)

  8. Nurture Your Flame inspirational message necklace with handstamped charm,gear charms and Om charm. Sterling silver and mixed metals! So pretty!!

  9. Sandi Woods says:

    I would go with the Family tree necklace. I have 4 Daughters, 2 Grand Daughters, and a GrandSon on the way in January. That would be some necklace and I would gladly pay the difference! Congratulations on your soon to be Little one and the other 3 too. Having 4 Girls is really a Wonderful and delightful experience! I left Daddy pick all the names except for the first almost by himself or so I left him think but the last one, which was his last try for a boy, was solely his picking. Our last name is Woods and he named her Holly but I changed the spelling to Hollie! I thought she would get teased over it but it turns out everyone thinks it’s cool and the other 3 Girls wish that it was their name. I have a DeAnna Helen, Misty Erin, Lacey Rae, and Hollie Jo. All their middle names were for beloved family members…Jo(e) is my Dad, Rae (Ray) is his Dad and him, Helen was for great woman on both sides of our family and Misty Erin is because he’s proud of his Irish heritage!

    1. We didn’t really intentionally do family names. Our E actually turned out to be a family name on both sides….not sure about B, but I don’t think it is!

  10. Your necklace is unique.. I like the square one.. Great.

  11. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I would love to have the necklace that has my kids name. I think these are just the cutest.

  12. i really like the family tree necklace – would be great for all my boys

  13. Cute!
    & I am glad that her name is neither Salsa nor Salt 🙂

    1. Yes, me, too! I can’t even believe he thinks it’s funny to suggest them:)

  14. i would love to have my sons name but also have my fiance,mother and fathers added as well

  15. should have stuck with Salsa or Salt then the necklace could have been “mines”

  16. That is such a cool necklace, I love that everyones’ initials can spell “BMINE!” Now I will be thinking about what we can name our next kid so I can have a necklace that spells something too, hahah!

    1. It definitely wasn’t intentional. And didn’t fit with our 8-7-6 letter arrangement with three syllables. I wouldn’t recommend trying for anything..it’s too stressful!

  17. Congrats on picking little one’s name out. I know for me it got harder and harder with each boy I had to pick a name. By number 5 we thought we had his name but then he came out and we were like no it doesn’t fit and had to scramble to agree on a name.

    1. Oh, don’t say that…I hope we aren’t in a scramble!

  18. I would get the kids’ initials monogrammed necklace for a woman I know who is struggling this holiday season but who gives so much to everyone.

  19. I am excited to learn what her name will be. And B Mine, that is SO precious! Cute necklace for sure.

  20. B MINE, K? I LOVE it! What a great Initial! Can’t wait to meet the little stinker. Tell her to fully bake, and then come on out!

  21. yay!! happy baby name 🙂 can’t wait to see ms. b soon!!

  22. Mixed Metals layered names hand stamped mommy necklace. Silver copper brass. Personalized mommy necklace..nested discs.

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