Reality has set in.


**Not a Debbie Downer post, just me thinking, here**

It’s not that I feel like I’m getting older. It’s just that other things are happening around me. Constant reminders of being older, more mature, having more responsibility (not that two kids won’t do that to you).

I got a call from my mom that she has to have foot surgery. And, my mom is not old (she’s not even 50). But it’s starting to settle in with me. With aging (both me and my mom), things start to happen. And, they start to go wrong. I’ve accepted for a while that hubby’s parents are getting older (as they aren’t in the best of health).

But, my mom needing foot surgery? It scares me. Because it makes me realize that she, too, is getting older. And, I can’t imagine not always being able to call her on my way home from work. So, I’ll say it again, it scares me.

I received a call from a friend the other day. She told me that her and her husband are getting a divorce. I am so sad and heart broken for them and their kids. I didn’t know what to say. There are never the right words. Then, I felt like a horrible friend because I didn’t even notice anything was wrong.

It made me realize that I am now at the stage in my life where people I know are getting divorced. And, that scares me.

Not because I think that’s the path I’m on (heck no), but just that it can happen to other people. And, that my kids’ friend’s parents might one day get divorced. And, I might have to explain it to them.

So, I’m getting older…and it scares me!!!

And, I know that I’m not THAT old, and that some of you are older…you all probably just realized this sooner. Or maybe, I’m naive.

And, to cheer you up (because her smile always makes me smile):

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  1. I love your blog…i stumbled upon it this morning and it has been keeping me busy when i dont want to work!
    it is scary…but being aware is a good thing…

  2. Honestly it hit me too when I had kids but really when I had my second. All of a sudden I realized that when I was 5 my mom’s mom died. BG is 3…I couldn’t imagine in 2 years losing my mom. It has scared me half to death ever since. I know you can’t avoid it and it will eventually happen and it just brings me to tears thinking about it. It was like I (or anyone in my family) was no longer invincible once I had kids. My la la land bubble was popped.

  3. Ugh, it has been hitting me too. This post was a perfect way to describe that week my mom was in the hospital…found out a friend is getting divorced too…and I found a lot more gray hairs.

    I don’t worry about getting older, but it is weird.

  4. I can totally relate girl. It scares me to think about all those things too. I hate knowing that we get older and our children are going to experience things we necer want them to go through. I know thats life, but it is still scary.
    Sorry to hear abotu your friend too..just be there for her and her children..thats the best thing you can do as a friend.
    I’m sorry to hear about your mom..please know she will be in my prayers.

  5. I had one of these moments the other day too. Praying for your mom. I can’t imagine my life without my mom and she has had her fair share of foot surgeries too lately. Hope the day gets better! I found another link for the nav. bar code in html if you want it let me know.

  6. Scary, I was JUST having this conversation with my mom!!

  7. I’m 23 and I’ve thought about all of this. Totally normal… and if it’s not, well then we are BOTH crazy. At least we aren’t alone! 🙂

  8. I hate to say I know what you mean…because there’s a difference between us. But, I’m a worrier too. Not that it’s all I do, but if I think about something long enough it begins to bother me! You’re doing good though! You have a beautiful family! Count your blessings.

  9. Mike & I talk all the time about how more aware we are of our own mortality since Aiden got here. But I think it can be a good thing, too; my parents were almost killed in a car accident nearly 5 years ago, and since I lost that little bit of innocence (that Mom & Dad would always be here), I've enjoyed all this "bonus" time with them that much more.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about your mom and your friend 🙁 they always say time flies by when you a kid, but I think the last couple of years have gone by SO fast!!!

  11. Oh, Krystyn…I think this is why I’ve been in such a funk lately, too. Our whole family is in bad health right now and I just had an organ removed myself (gallbladder)-and I’m still not 100% better! I think on these things a lot and I think it’s good for us, too, to make sure we don’t take a single day for granted with anyone we love. Our days are numbered whether we’re 1 or 101, we just have to make the most of them!!!!

  12. I hear you…I HATE getting older!
    Loved the picture of Izzy though…it did cheer me up! Melody loves doing that too…

  13. I’m sorry your mom is having foot surgery. Yes, time does fly. It seems like yesterday my kids were born and now one is grown and one is in high school! Cherish every moment. (: Love the picture!

  14. O MY DEAR FREIND…to be your age again! LOL

    I understand though because I got my first divorce around age 27! Yeppers…but NO kiddos from that 8 year marriage. My Best Friend from High School Lost her MOM that same year I got Divorced. So YOU are RIGHT and this was not a downer post at all. The thing is you feel you are older and mature and all and YOU are but wait until you get these feelings again around 30 and then 40. You will look back at this post and Laugh and say HMM what was I thinking. For you and your family the BEST is YET to BE my Dear YOUNG FRIEND!

  15. I know exactly what you mean. I go to every check up just assuming I am healthy, but slowly friends and acquaintances have stared having little health issues or issues with their marriages.

    So far we have been very lucky, but the reality is soon or later my husband and I are going to face issues like this too. Just another reason to make the most of every day we are given!

  16. It is all so sad, but yes time flies so enjoy each and every moment you have. I always try to focus and remember all the GOOD things, even if it is as simple as when I got home the kids gave me a great big hug, which lucky for me, they do that.

    Sorry about your Mom. My Mom is in another state and I worry if she is ill I won’t even be there for her. I am sure everything will be fine. Also sorry about your friend. A lot of my friends were shell shocked as well. It is normal. Sometimes you never see these things coming so don’t feel bad. Just be there for her and the kids.

    Life is good, that is why is goes by so quickly. 🙂

    Very cute picture.

  17. totally one hundred times over understand. it’s not fun. realizing it. processing it. dealing with it.

    i never knew being an adult could be so hard.

  18. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    I know how you feel. My Mom has 2 types of cancer and it scares me to death. I know life is ultimately about learning from loss, but that realization is so difficult!

    Hugs your way. xoxo.

  19. Well, that post sure made me feel old! At you least you have kids mom and Joe are healthy enough to appreciate and play with! That’s really great. They do treat zoE and Leroy good, but it’s not the same. I get scared toO…I always tell mom I am worried she is gonna hit 65, retire and then?!?!?!?
    Ummmm, you forgot to mention who dressed Izzy in that darn cute outfit….IT WAS ME!!

  20. There are three divorces going on around us right now among both family and friends. So sad.

    That picture would cheer anyone up! : )

    Prayers for your Mom. When’s her sugery?

  21. That is a BEAUTIFUL smile!! That picture definetly made me smile!!

    I can understand how you feel…I dont have kids yet. But i heavily feel the weight of responsibility and being old..or more mature I should say. Though I know I am not fully there yet, but I think it hit me when I had to take care of my grandpa before he passed away and now my grandma is having more and more difficulty…and I know they are my grandparents and they are older and this is supposed to happen, but it makes me think about me my life, where I am headed.

  22. haha…yes, this is me too. I feel really old some days! And I don’t really like it…

    But I DO like that picture at the end – and it made me smile too!

  23. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    I remember years ago, a neighbor telling us ‘Ahh…you’re at the stage when everyone gets married. Then they have babies and in 10 year everyone gets divorced.’

    And I thought what a miserable idea. But he was right. almost 10 years later….it’s the divorce cycle.

    All I wanna know is when does the botox and tummy tuck cycle fit in?

  24. We must be on the same wavelength right now. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately too. It IS very scary.

    I’m very sorry for your friends. What a terrible thing for them to go through 🙁

  25. I felt the same way when we had the first friend divorce. And, then the 2nd. Oddly, the couple I pegged to bust up is pregnant with their 2nd & the one I knew would make it, divorced a year ago.

  26. Great content and divorce is really hard but anyone can overcome it.

  27. We all have our own struggles and divorce is rampant nowadays. As we all know life must go on.

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