PSF-Nat is 3 months old


Look at that goofy little grin. It’s like she knows she’s 3 months old. How did she get to 1/4th of a year already? And, so stinking cute? And, that smile? And, more importantly, those chubby cheeks? I really don’t know where those came from!

I need to find a cute, warm hat for Miss #2. She has a huge head…seriously, it’s huge. The normal 0-6 month hats don’t fit. The next size I could find was 3T. So, where do I find a cute hat (like a knitted one), that looks like it is for newborns but fits her big head? (I tried etsy, and really, I just can’t spend $30 on a hat). And, I don’t know how to knit. ((Maybe I need to find somebody with good taste and a girl that has outgrown her baby stuff! Why do most of my friends have boys???))

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  1. Try The Children’s Place. They’re all on clearance right now.

    That is one sweet little grin!

  2. PS Nat is too cute. Can I squeeze those chubby cheeks?

  3. HOLY COW. Your kids have the cutest smiles! Time flies by SO fast!!

  4. Your hat worries are over!! I’m bringing you one Sunday…meant to bring it Tues, but I forgot. However, I’ve already put it in my car so just remind me to give it to you. Anyway, it’s a pink, girly knit hat that Melody was still able to fit it last year so I’m sure it will fit N. You have no idea how happy I am that you’re putting a hat on her sweet little head!!
    I love love love that picture…totally captures that precious little baby smile. She’s so beautiful.

  5. My little girl had a huge head, too. If I still had her stuff, I would send it to you!

  6. I guess that means I get to go shopping?!?! Thanks Smapson! I will do my best…who knows what i will find for the hall family. Dude, I think the other Emily is my long lost short, blonde twin! I always put things in my car when I remember I have to bring them to someone!

  7. Look at that big grin!

    I blinked and your little love is 3 months old. Dang.

  8. Oh, she’s a dolly! so sweet. (Popped over from another blog, just for fun.) No need to write anything under that About Me photo, you know; It already says a thousand words! 🙂

  9. Dennis and Leslie says:

    She’s sooo stinkin’ cute!!! Can I pinch her chub cheeks??? So adorable.

  10. Well, I can’t help you with the hat, but I love that grin!

  11. Thanks for commenting on The Gift Closet & for sporting my button on your blog! I see you live in Marietta…I live in Newnan & was born & raised in DFW, Texas! Small word.
    Beautiful babies you have! Have a blessed day! 😉

  12. Girl, if I had all Kenley’s old ones I would send you some. They are already gone to another little girl. 🙁 But it looks like there will be more hats coming your way soon. Those cheeks are adorable and I just wanna squeeze ’em. Have a good weekend.

  13. What a cutie pie!

    Krystyn, both of your girls are precious!

    Really, I AM serious! (bahahaha)

    My aunt’s friend has a baby that has a big head too, but like yours, he’s just so adorable that it doesn’t even matter! 🙂 Good luck with finding a hat!

  14. Gymboree is seriously one of the best places for hats. You don’t have to a set with gloves and you can get just hats. I actually have great luck finding awesome hats for pretty cheap.

  15. oh be still my heart…the cheeks!!

    she is adorable friend 🙂

    happy three months sweet one!

  16. I could just eat her up!! She’s precious!

  17. You have got to be kidding me, 3 months already?!?

    I see from your comments that someone is already bringing you a hat for Nat. I’d love to see a picture of her wearing it!


  18. Oh my goodness it’s been three months ALREADY??!?! Love her happy little grin!

  19. Krystyn……


  20. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    Oh she is a cutie with that expression. And *WHOOSH* there went 3 months, eh? Geesh!

    She’s A DOLL!

  21. Happy 3 months to your precious little N and good luck on finding a hat!

  22. Bitchy’s head was huge! i always hard time finding her a hat!!!

    She’s a Chem major at Penn State!!! Made me think of you..

  23. Oh, she is SO cute.

    I’m so baby hungry!

  24. She has an ADORABLE head. I love it. She’s gonna be a smart girl. And look at that smile. LOVE it. IT seems like she was just born. She can’t be three months already!!

  25. She’s so beautiful!!! My son had a huge head too.. his head was 15 inches when he was born.. ( but he was 11lbs too)… My MIL mom knitted me hats for him… I still have some.. but they’re VERY boyish… otherwise.. I’d share!! Ü

  26. How can she be 3 months already? She is so cute…to me she is a carbon copy of Izzy.

    I wish that I knitted…if I did I would make you a hat.

    Have a great week. Love, Grammy Lura

  27. Baby Gap and Old Navy have all their hats on clearance right now. And they have matching mittens! Although, I did see some at Kroger yesterday for kids that were like $2. So I grabbed those as well – with matching mittens. I love sets, I’m a sucker for them.

    And I cannot believe Miss N is already 3 months. I’m LOVING those cheeks!

  28. Three months?! Already?!

    I must say she is a CUTE three month old, though 🙂 Look at her and all of her cuteness!

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