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This weekend I started trying to teach #1 our new president’s name (and don’t worry, this isn’t going anywhere political). She’s pretty good at it…I’m thoroughly impressed. She can say “Barack Obama” like the best of them. So, we practiced a couple times before lunch time and nap time.

**Edited to add a video**

During “nap” time, #1 decided that she didn’t need a nap. She proceeded to destroy her room, get out books and puzzles, and play with her animals.

She also took her diaper off (twice, while wearing tights) got out a brand new package of wipes and pulled half of them out, and got her big girl panties out of the dresser and put them on.

Needless to say, nap time was a fun time at our house! HA!

(Don’t worry this will all come together for you in a second).

So, once her “quiet” time is over and I go up to get her (and put her diaper on again), she goes downstairs.

Daddy is downstairs.

Daddy says, “Why did you take your diaper off, #1?”

#1 says, with her cute face on and her flirty eyes going, “Barack Obama.”

And, so you have it. The reason she took of her diaper is “Barack Obama.”

Not really sure what that means, but we found it pretty dang funny!

PS She can say “Joe Biden” really well, too!

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  1. LOL!! Mine think it’s the funniest name too and have taken to calling each other Obmama Ben and Obama Lily. 🙂

  2. Thats hilarious! Kenley says Obama as omama. Destroying rooms like that must be a phase, or atleast I hope so. Hope you had a good weekend.

  3. Too cute!

    I love the latest layout (not sure how new it is, I’ve been slacking a bit lately!) – are you sending subliminal messages for Target???

  4. I love it!
    And I think I will follow suit.
    Whatever I do wrong today…I am totally blaming Barack Obama.
    Hee. hee.
    Hey, someone had to take the blame!
    Happy MLK day!

  5. That’s adorable!

    And, now I understand the whole taking off the diaper thing — I don’t think I’m THAT obnoxious about my blog, eh? Not to mention, I already wear big girl panties so a visit to your house wouldn’t be as…um…well I don’t have a word, but you know what I mean!


  6. Haha! That is hysterical! People are already blaming him for stuff and he’s not even in office yet! 😉

  7. loving the video!!

    hoping todays nap is a little less hectic 🙂

  8. Dennis and Leslie says:

    Haha, that’s awesome! She’s so adorable, and so smart! I often blame Obama for taking my diaper off…’s always easiest to blame the president, isn’t it???

  9. Too funny!!! You never know what is going through their little minds! 🙂

  10. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    Thank God she didn’t smear anything gross on your walls and THEN say because of ‘Barack Obama’!

  11. Too funny.

    We don’t have time to work on the President’s name. We are working on the word frog instead.

  12. They are going to start bring her along, like Joe the Plumber 🙂


  13. VERY CUTE!! I’m definately adding you to my blog list! I see you teach chem…I wish you were my teacher! My teacher is not at the top of my list!..not because I don’t like to subject, but because he can’t teach 🙁 🙁

    Love, Mere

  14. Isn’t the saying, “I serve at the pleasure of the President”? I guess she is just a loyal servant.

  15. I have a feeling he’s going to get blamed for a lot of things in the next 4 years! ; )

    She’s too cute for words. Glad to hear hers!

  16. Too funny! I can’t get over what a doll she is!

    Sounds like “nap” time at our house sometimes!

  17. Oh she is too cute! It sounded like “Back Bama!” to me! LOL Love the video.

  18. Haha! I love how we have to press them to make a video b/c they are always into something else!

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