Let’s play a game


It’s sort of like “I’ve never…” but not really.

I’m totally making this up as I go, but I thought it would be fun.

Please join me.

If you like the idea…I’ll figure out that dang Mr. Linky and you can do the same. If not, just put it in the comments.

So, I’m going to write something silly that my hubby does and wonder if he’s the only one (yes, of course, he’s original), or if yours do it, too.

Here goes:

(Mrs. Newlywed…don’t hate me…I use the word hubby A LOT)!!!

Does your hubby insist that you feel his muscles after he’s been working out?
Does your hubby like to flex his pectoral muscles interchangeably after working out (so they bounce back and forth?)
Does he do it at the dinner table and not even realize it?
Does your hubby call it a “scavenger hunt” at the grocery store when they have a deal going on (say, buy 10 of these certain items and get $5) and then get really excited when he “wins”?
Does your hubby think you are crazy when you tell him you are drinking and driving (on Mario Kart, of course)?

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. I don’t want this to turn into a venting about your hubby or significant other..just funny/silly things they do!

Let’s have fun!

And, here’s one last one.
Does you hubby look at your kids like this (and your kids look at him like this) and it totally melts your heart?

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  1. What a fun idea. I love the last one. My guys really make my heart melt – Carter wants to be just like his daddy…they even wear clothes that look alike…a Hanes t-shirt and black, blue, or red shorts. It is so funny because when Josh is not home from work yet Carter will lay out the right color of shorts for him to wear to bed.

    Josh does the flexing of his muscles too…I think it is really funny! Maybe I need to start doing that to him after I work out…he would think I was weird.

  2. Adorable post and if my hubby had strong muscles like yours i’m sure he’d make them dance LOL!!

    I love that picture, “melt” is just a perfect word.

    I wrote a post about my hubby today, isn’t it great to be in love?!

  3. Hubby does none of those things. Mainly because he doesn’t work out OR go to the grocery store with me. But he does look at our kids that way. It melts my unmeltable heart!

    Does YOUR hubby fart and fluff the covers just to annoy you just as your drifting into a peaceful sleep?

  4. Ahahahaah, those are awesome and I can only imagine you cant help but laugh everytime.

  5. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    Ummm….my husband does this: gets up goes to work, returns and repeat.

    And I only wish I had a picture of him looking like that at the kids. That is priceless.

  6. Papa Bear truly is one of a kind! I pictured him doing all these things and cracked up! Miss you guys…flexing and all!

  7. That picutre. ADORABLE!

  8. Omy my gosh… it always melts my heart!

  9. I’m confused. Your hubby works out? I guess I can’t play along.

  10. So how might I enable my e-mail address?


    My hubby TOTALLY wants me to feel his muscles after he works out, too 🙂

  11. I cna’t wait to have kids!!! my heart melts just thinking baout my husband and our future family! =)

  12. Can I post about ‘Boyfriend” rather than hubby? I dont have one of those!

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