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I am definitely not a sentimental person. I have given away pretty much every baby item in our house. I also gave away almost all of their clothes that no longer fit B. But a lot of those clothes were worn by all four girls and I maybe sort of got attached to some of them (monkey jammies, I’m looking at you). So when MemoryStitch reached out and asked me if I wanted to try out a quilt, I wanted to do something a little different then the examples I saw on their site. 

Memory stiches mommy and me monday

I wanted to find some of the clothes that had been in the rotation for quite a few years and have a quilt made out of them. Keep reading to find out more about MemoryStitch and grab the MemoryStitch Discount Code. 

You might recognize shirts from a photoshoot with just my two oldest or this green stripped shirt or this purple kitty shirt.

I didn’t really tell the girls what I was doing. So they were surprised to see it when I opened it. And all of them started pointing to different shirt pieces and saying “I remember this” or “I used to wear that gumball shirt” or “there’s my kitty” and they thought it was really special.

MemoryStitch Memory Blanket

Getting the shirts ready for MemoryStitch

I decided on a Full sizes blanket when making the selection on their website. It says the blanket will require 30 pieces of shirt (I used some dresses, too) and since the clothes were smaller, they needed to be 8.5 x 8.5” inches. I realize now looking at the site that the size it says (5’ x 6’) is only for using shirt pieces that are 12” x 12”, so if you are looking for a Full sized blanket, you will probably want to order a queen or even a king if you are using smaller kids clothes. 

cutting up shirts for memorystitch

I gathered shirts from the attic and their closets to get to my 30 items for a “Full” and got to work. After watching their video, I realized all I had to do was cut the shirts in half (front to back) so I could send the side of the shirt I wanted to use. They would cut them all down to the appropriate size. Thank goodness, because I could have botched that!

I also selected the color of minky fabric for the back. On my order form I was able to make a note the I really wanted to have the little “bee” feet from an outfit incorporated into the blanket if they could make that happen. They did and it’s so cute.

cutting up shirts for memorystitch

I boxed the shirt/dress pieces up, included the order form and shipped it off to MemoryStitch. Shipping had to be paid for me to get the items to them, but MemoryStitch covered the shipping of the completed project.

Getting my order

I was shocked at how quickly I had my finished blanket back in my hands. It was 14 days from the date I shipped it all out!

memorystitch arrival

I was so excited it had finally arrived and I had a nice way to keep the memories attached to some of those clothes alive.

About MemoryStitch

MemoryStitch is unique and new quilting startup in Lincoln, NE that offers customers a creative memorable experience through the use of their own t-shirts! Memory Stitch is a group of highly skills quilters that are passionate about the product they make. All you have to do is select the t-shirts you want MemoryStitch to use, send it to them and they will take care of the rest!

These quilts would be perfect as gifts to your children of their favorite sports team, a memorial of all the states/countries you have traveled to, or use a great way to repurpose old t-shirts (which trigger special memories) that would end up in a landfill. Since the quilts are made from your old T-shirt it is a great way to reuse and recycle. Not only will you receive a personalized quilt full of memories but you are also helping the planet!

MemoryStitch’s T-shirt quilts are a perfect way to preserve precious memories for you or your child’s school memories. Each T-shirt quilt purchase is unique and made special for each and every customer so no two quilts will be alike. You can make a quilt from the T-shirts of your favorite college team, Professional sports team, high school and college activities, the ideas are endless!

The finished product

While it’s not quite the full-sized blanket I was imagining, I still am very happy with the final product and will leave it on the couch where I most often grab a blanket…and so do the girls. In fact, I think I might have to fight them for it!

memory stitch baby blanket


Head over to MemoryStitch and use code MOMMIES15 to save 15% off of your order.

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