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This week was a busy one. By the time it got to Friday, we were all exhausted and actually cancelled plans! It was go, go, go, go.

We started the week with a grocery trip and doctors appointments and errands that we needed to take care of. And planning a cake that N had ordered. (Her first official cake order).

Mani + Pedi and Splatter Paint Studio

Then it was time for some fun. Grammi treated us to mani + pedis and then some tasty burgers.

Then it was time for the Splatter Paint Studio. What a fun time. There was paint everywhere! We are still finding it on random places like our masks.

Naturally, we got some before shots while we were still clear of paint.

And, had to get a picture of Grammi and the girls, too!

Then it was time to paint. And boy did the girls paint.

The oldests’ started out blue…and ended up white, black, and bronze. They used all the paint and all of the tools.

It was definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Thanksgiving Day Gobble Jog

With our girls running cross country, we have become the family that runs a 5K on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, it wasn’t too early. But, it was definitely cold. And, wow, what a hilly course.

The youngest two ran their first 1K races and did a great job. They have decided they “started out a little strong, but will try to do better on the next race.” So that’s something to look forward to!

We got to grab a picture with a reindeer, too!

Mr. Serious definitely beat us all. N raced it and had a great 5K time. The oldest was supposed to have some rest time, so she took it a little slower. And, me, well, I ran the whole time and my time is still meh. But I finished, right?

Then we came home, relaxed, they watched some football and we had some Thanksgiving dinner.

And N spoiled us with THREE homemade pies; Apple pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie.


Friday we went to Candytopia. What a fun place full of color and candy. Most of the artwork is created with actual candy.

And, they had fun places to grab pictures, too. Look at everybody smiling!

We let the group we were with disperse a little and ended up having most of the rooms to ourselves to get some other fun pictures.

Look at all of the candy on that display!

And, the extra fun marshmallow pit. The adults decided to sit this one out but the kids had fun “swimming” around.

The oldest even let me snap a picture…and it’s pretty funny because the red light made us both look a little like Rudolph!

I got a picture with my even-sies on a swing, too. Am I the only older person that can’t handle swings anymore?

And one last fun group shot with their background!

A workout with mom and dad

N had the week off from running, too, minus her shake out run and gobble jog. She asked if she could joint us on one of our weight workouts. Sure thing, kiddo, leg day it is.

She did a great job, was open to getting help and told us how sore she was the next two days. (Good thing she listened to me and started with lighter weights.)

Shotters, round 2

We rounded out the week with a second shot for these two. They weren’t thrilled with the idea of a shot, but know why they got it! Two days later and one has still a slightly sore arm, but neither of them had any other reactions which we were all pleased about.

Whew! What a week! We all had a great time with Grammi and the week FLEW!

Now, the kids have three weeks left until Christmas/holiday break. It will be here before we know it.

What did you do this week?

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