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There is a lot of leg use in our family. From weights, to running to cycling, we are often in need of some good leg recovery help. We get leg recovery from foam rolling and percussion massagers, but have recently been sent an Exogun Leg Wrap Leg Massager to help with leg recovery.

External pneumatic compression (EPC)

With our oldest running 30-50 miles a week, she especially can use all of the leg recovery help. From my research, leg recovery and any recovery for that matter is all about increasing blood flow to the area, increasing oxygenation and helping clear lactic acid.

“The idea behind compression is pretty simple: It helps your system increase blood flow to certain areas, which helps circulate that waste to get rid of it faster. But not all compression is created equal.” – Runnersworld.com

External pneumatic compression (EPC) shows a lot of promise in sports recovery and performance, but there still needs to be more research for a definitive answer.

Some scientific evidence shows the benefits EPC can include relieving sore muscles, increased range of motion following a hard workout, and even increase muscle growth and repair. 

Of course, if that’s all found out to be a wash, EPC just feels really good like a big hug, and that can help athletic performance. Sitting still for 20 minutes has benefits, so if being tied down makes you sit still, that alone is advantageous.

EPC with Exogun Leg Wrap Leg Massager

Exogun Wrap is Exogun’s pneumatic compression system. It is designed to help your legs feel relaxed, invigorated, and hopefully recover faster.

Who benefits from ExoGun Leg Wrap Leg Massager

Whether you’re just on your feet all day, coming back from an intense leg day, or just busy running errands or chores, the Exogun Wrap is for you. After a 20 minute session, my legs just feel better. I go between the “Relax” and “Smart” pneumatic settings and typically pick the highest pressure setting. I often turn the heat setting on, too.

By combining Exogun’s proprietary negative pressure air compression massage system and heating systems, the Exogun Wrap can help to improve circulation. Improved circulation can help reduce soreness and fatigue by flushing out metabolic wastes and bringing in oxygenated blood to your legs.

Features of the Exogun Leg Wrap Leg Massager

18-point precise control allows you to customize your treatment by adjusting the pressure, massage styles, and heating levels to fit your needs, workout, and compression tolerance.

  • 18-point adjustable pressure, massage modes, and heating levels
  • Negative air pressure compression massage system
  • Heated functions built in
  • Easy-to-clean antimicrobial surface
  • Ankle and knee mobility zones
  • 3 independent sections air compression zones for each leg for customized recovery
  • Lightweight and packable

How we feel after using Exogun Leg Wrap Leg Massager

It feels like you’ve had a leg massage. The compression settings move up and down your legs with different patterns and pressure sort of like a blood pressure cuff (without feeling like your legs will get squeezed off).

The compression around the feet is really nice for tired aching feet and when my plantar fasciitis is extra painful.

We try to put the wrap on as soon as possible after a run or weight lifting session, but sometimes it waits until the end of the day when we have a chance to enjoy the full 20 minutes without interruption.

We really enjoy External pneumatic compression (EPC) we get with the Exogun Leg Wrap Leg Massager and think you will, too. Use the code below to save on your own leg massager and/or percussion massager with Exogun!

Exogun Discount Code

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  1. Wendy Browne says:

    These look great. I’ve been wanting calf massagers since using them post caeserian surgery.

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