9 Tips for Working out at Home Successfully


I’ve been really, really good about sticking to my YMCA schedule and going when I have it on there. My day off is Sunday and my workout from home day is Thursday. Admittedly, it is super hard working out at home. I can’t do it everyday, but I’ve done it before for long stretches of time.

There are some useful tips for staying successful and I think they will help.

9 tips for working out at home successfully

*Thank you to Empower Fitness for sending some exercise equipment. All thoughts are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

9 tips for working out at home successfully

1. Be consistent

Figure out what schedule will work for you. Write it down on your calendar and keep it on there. For me, I prefer to workout in the morning, but on my workout at home day, I leave the morning for work, so it’s evenings on Thursdays. I like to time it with a show I like so that I stick to my schedule. But, don’t worry when life gets in the way, just get something in…family walks, lunges while wearing a fussy baby, squats while cooking dinner, even running up and down the stairs between lunch prep. Just keep moving.

2. Have your own equipment that you can easily put away

empower kettlebell

Several years ago, we purchased our own weight sets to use at the house with various workout videos. These very easily slide under our couch for storage when not in use. I recently started doing a kettlebell class at the gym, but it’s only one day a week. Now, I have my own 3-in-1 kettlebell that you can buy on Amazon or at Kohl’s which allows me to swing my way to fitness. It’s amazing the number of exercises you can do with this in such a short time. And, it’s a really good workout, too. Plus, it comes with it’s own DVD so I don’t have to remember all of the exercises I want to do.

3. Have a video to guide you

Cardio Core & More Fitness Hoop

We’ve purchased quite a few videos, of course some are better than others. The one that comes with this 3-in-1 kettlebell and this Cardio Core and More Fitness Hoop on Amazon or at Target is sure to make you get a good workout. The fact that you can be guided to swing your hips with this three-pound customized weighted hoop (you can reconfigure the weights around the hoop to make the workout even more effective) and targets your core is amazing. It’s a fun workout and allows you to do other exercises like squats, too. You can also head to YouTube or use your streaming device to find great video workouts to keep you moving.

3. Have clothes/shoes that are easy to workout in and that you feel comfortable in

Have you ever tried to workout in ill-fitting clothes or maybe a sports bra that doesn’t support you? Don’t do that! Make sure you have good clothes and shoes that aren’t old. (The last time I let my shoes go too long, I had horrible achilles pain!) Make sure you take the time to get the right fit. Don’t forget that having your hair out of your face with a fleece headband is important, too. I have to have my hair not touching me when I workout or it drives me crazy.

2016-02-06 20.06.09

4. Have an accountability partner

It’s really hard to keep working out (ideally 5 days a week) without an accountability partner. It could be your spouse or a friend. Somebody that will check to make sure you are working out. It could even be somebody that works out with you at home. You can do the same workout, or take turns. Or, you can have a friend that you watch a show with at the same time to make sure you both get on there!

5. Use a fitness tracker

It still confuses me, but I do more and workout harder when I’m wearing a fitness tracker. I like to set up challenges with other people, but surprisingly, I like to challenge myself to get enough steps, too. Most days, as long as I workout, I get my 10K steps. Other days, it doesn’t happen.

6. Eat and Drink Healthy

It is so much easier to get in a workout when you aren’t bogged down with bad food. Indigestion and heartburn make it so hard to workout. Eat lean protein, fruits and veggies and power through a workout. Don’t forget to stay properly hydrated, too. I always have water with me when working out at home or away from home. The key is? Making sure you drink it, too!

7. Have a dedicated space

This space doesn’t have to be dedicated to working out 24/7. It just needs to be a space that you can easily dedicate to working out when the time comes. Ideally, you aren’t having to move furniture every time, but you might have to move some kid toys or a rug. You don’t need a ton of space, but try to have a safe place that is clear of injury causing tripping hazards.

8. Have some jams

Music is a huge motivator. Listen to what motivates you to push yourself harder and workout even longer. Sometimes, I even put on music to cover over a DVD, especially if I’m already familiar with the workout, so I don’t need the coaching aspect.

9. Diffuse or apply “Fitness” essential oil

fitness essential oil

The INFUSED Fitness™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to uplift, energize, and give you the inspiration to set and achieve your strength and fitness goals. Put a little on your your wrist and behind your ears, or put it in your diffuser before you start your workout. There is nothing like getting inspired from the inside.

Workout out at home isn’t hard. But, it does take some dedication and scheduling to make yourself successful. If you take these steps, you should well on your way.

How do you make sure you are successful when you workout at home?

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  1. I NEED a schedule. I need to figure out the Y classes that work and GET there. To put them on the calendar and only in some situations lets them loose. …… attempting to insert some accountability here…..

  2. My mom loves to use the hoop to work out. I think I’m too big and need to start with something else. That kettle looks awesome though!

  3. Yoga is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It has plenty of health benefits like weight loss, reducing the aging effects, boosting the sexual power and more.

  4. You look great and i love seeing transformation photos of people and i agree on how important it is to work out daily.. But the excruciating muscle pain is real in my post workout routine. I have been using pain relief oil to relieve the post workout muscle pain.

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