Our shelter pet adoption story


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Growing up, all of our cats were obtained through pet adoption. Most of them were shelter cats. So, when I wanted to bring a cat home, I knew adoptions was the way. Sassafras joined our family before we were even married! She’s been around for a while and through many moves around the Atlanta area. And, she’s been around for our family’s growth, too.

Our shelter cat

We got her from a pet shelter’s foster home many, many years ago (okay, if you are counting, it’s been 13 years!) I saw her, and picked her up and knew she needed to come home with us. She was and still is a very chill cat. She didn’t put her claws in me and was just the sweetest. And her age, she still purrs when she gets to snuggle with you.

She was a little older than brand new kittens, so she had already had some shots. We had to finish getting some of them and get her fixed. The shelter referred us to a place that fixed her at a discounted rate, too.

Now, she just fits right in with the family. The older girls take turns feeding her and everybody enjoys her keeping their lap warm. Yes, she’s totally a lap cat. Especially if you put a blanket down, she’s on it. It’s her favorite.

Our shelter cat and I

Every time we introduced a new baby to our family, I worried the dynamic would change. But, no, our Sassafras kept on rolling. She’s a person cat for sure and really loves being near people (and when she’s not, she’s trying to eat paper!)

Our shelter cat and B

Even though she’s older, Sas still has quite a bit of spunk, too. The girls have a great time running around with a string and having her chase them.

When we put the girls to bed, she’s waiting for the older two in their beds. They now have a great relationship. The girls will pet her which she loves and the petting helps relax and calm the girls before bed, too.

After they are asleep, Sas will make her way to us and snuggle up on my lap or Mr. Serious’ lap and get to purring. I feel like it’s her way of letting us know she loves us back. I think she’s also letting us know “hey, those crazy kids are asleep now!”

our shelter cat

Just like our Sasafras, shelter pets really make fantastic pets. Make a shelter the first place you go when considering owning a pet.

The Shelter Pet Project is the result of a collaborative effort between two leading animal welfare groups, The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund, and Ad Council. The goal of this project is to ensure that all healthy and treatable pets find loving homes by breaking down misconceptions surrounding shelter pets. Follow along on the Ad Council® Social Channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Do you have a shelter pet you’ve adopted? I want to hear your story, too.


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  1. Oh that sweet little Sas. I love her. Kitty was a rescue, too. She loves to sleep with me and is now a treat hound, ever since Santa brought her a little pack.

  2. pat chance says:

    Sas is a great cat and she does love the lap.

  3. We adopted two cats some years ago and they have become such big parts of our lives. I can’t imagine life with out them.

  4. Several years ago I adopted a sweet shy Siamese cat from the shelter. She was so shy that visitors never saw her. When she heard footsteps outside she would run and hide in the closet. Unfortunately, she developed kidney failure and I lost her after only a few years. I was so devastated I was sure I would never get another cat.

    Well after a year or so, I was really feeling lonely and just knew I needed another cat. So I made a trip to the shelter with a specific cat in mind. I wanted a short haired, black or black & white cat, already declawed. Well, guess what! No such cat in the shelter that day. So I went back to a large room with many cats wandering around and I sat down on the floor to play with them. Along comes Pumpkin, a long haired, tortoiseshell with all her claws. She promptly climbed in my lap and even though I moved her away she kept coming back. I realized that she desperately wanted my companionship just as I needed hers.

    We’ve been together almost 15 years now and she is a real people cat. She has never met a stranger. Everyone who comes to the door is expected to pet and love on her. She is my shadow,; just like a young child, I can’t even go to the bathroom alone! lol

    Shelter cats are absolutely the best.

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