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Our little second born and first middle child has never really been the quiet one. If she is thinking or feelings something, you know about it, as well as anybody within a 5 miles radius, it would seem.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I went to her first Kindergarten parent teacher conference and found that she wrote a story to share. Not just any story, but a story that her teacher said was the best in the class. Not based on the content at all, but her ability to tell a story, and to use speech bubbles and illustrations that went with it.

Mommy and Me Monday

Her story ability isn’t what shocked and surprised me. No, it was the content of the story. She was sitting in the very next room when her sister was born. In fact, she probably woke up and came downstairs right before she was born. But, she never said a thing about it. No feelings, no amount of surprise and no question.

I guess she just internalized it all and waited for the right time to let us know that she knew the whole story and even wrote it down in a four page booklet. I mean she even drew me, holding B on my lap on the toilet. And, she drew Mr. Serious asking if I was okay?

She really did pay attention and take it all in. I’m saving this little book to give it to B one day. Because her sister’s version of the story is pretty freaking awesome and might just be my favorite!

B's story

{The oldest really wants to get B to be her “Santa baby!”}

How have your kids surprised you recently?

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  1. I love this! I’m always impressed by the little things that kids see/hear and don’t say anything about.

    Recently, I overheard my oldest asking my youngest ‘Don’t you have EARS!?’ (something I say quite often). I had to take a step back and re-think my speech.

  2. Such a sweet story. That Nat…she gets me every time! Love that sweet girl.

  3. It is so amazing the things kids pick up. They really understand more than we give them credit for!

  4. pat chance says:

    HER STORY IS GREAT – I love the pictures – definitely one to hold on to

  5. It’s amazing what kids remember. I think it is so sweet that she remembered. I think B is going to cherish her sister’s book when you give it to her.

  6. That is so sweet! Now I want to see the rest of the story. 🙂 Definitely save it, I’m sure they will both treasure it in the future.

  7. That is just too adorable! I can see why you guys were so surprised, she was totally aware of what was going on when little B came. I bet your younger daughter will get a kick out of her own birth-story book when she is older. 🙂

  8. What a sweet story. Pretty amazing what those little ones actually observe and retain. What a great gift for her little sister someday.

  9. OH my! That is just precious!!! I love it. What a treasure!
    It is amazing what kids take in and internalize, isn’t it?
    Love it. 🙂

  10. Aw, this is just so sweet and lovely. My boys have been writing great stories at school lately too and their handwriting is pretty out of this world. Surprising for sure! 🙂

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