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When the older two girls’ camp was cancelled, we decided we should still try to do something for the summer. We figured heading to the mountains and a cabin during the week for some hiking would be sort of close to their camp experience and also a way to take a trip without interacting with many people. The Tallulah Gorge area was just the thing.

At Tallulah Gorge

Upon our arrival at River Falls at the Gorge, we were told our cabin wouldn’t be ready until 3. We knew this might be the case, but hoped it might be ready early. Either way, we prepared and packed lunches to eat at Tallulah Gorge. 

Figuring it would be more motivating, we hiked down into Tallulah Gorge and back up before lunch. It’s a lot of stairs down, and a lot of stairs up. It took a full week for my calves to recover. 

The suspension bridge at Tallulah Gorge

But, we went all the way down to the swimming hole (which wasn’t issuing tickets and wasn’t open). This included several viewing spots and the suspension bridge. 

Bottom of Tallulah Gorge

With the one day with the best forecast (rain and storm-wise), we decided to float a stretch of the river at the camp ground. The air temperature was about 65F and I would bet the water was about the same. Just in case I’m not being clear…it was COLD! And the sun wasn’t really shining and keeping us warm. Our tube trip lasted about 30 minutes. 

Tubing at River Falls at The Gorge

When we got out, B said “I regret doing this!” It was fun, but we were all shivering and some of the kids had blue lips. Thankfully, there was a bathhouse not too far from where we got out and we all thawed out in the warm showers. 

We decided hiking was more our jam and after lunch headed up to Warwoman Dell Falls. We got a little twisted around and definitely took a path less traveled, but eventually, we ended up finding the falls we were looking for. 

Hiking some more waterfalls

The kids were finally worn out and slept past 7am! Trying to keep the older kids asleep, I called E and B over to snuggle for a bit to keep them quiet. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was a nice quiet part of the day. 

Snuggling while sisters were sleeping

Our last day we ventured up to Panther Falls and higher up to Angel Falls. This is Panther Falls and while we went up higher to Angel Falls, we decided we preferred the view of Panther Falls. I think Angel Falls would be beautiful in the fall when the leaves are all gone, but the greenery covered so much that we could barely see the water. 

At Panther Falls

Before we left, we made sure to get a picture of all of us ladies in front of our cabin/treehouse. And then it was time to carry all of our stuff back up the hill to our van and head home. 

The Treehouse at River Falls at the Gorge Campground


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  1. I love Tallulah Gorge! I sent my parents there to hike it when they were down from Chicago. They really enjoyed it.

  2. Treehouse vacations sound so much fun, especially during this time! I am reading so much these days to find out new ways of having fun with kids and i love having a pamper session with the kids it makes them happy too! and that’s what really matters to me!

  3. Julie Waldron says:

    This looks like so much fun and a beautiful place to visit!

  4. Teresa Moore says:

    I use to attend a women’s retreat not far from Tallulah Gorge. Never got to go check it out. I really want to go back up there and take my daughter to see all of this. We love going to the mountains and staying in cabins.

    1. It’s definitely a place to check out! Hope you can make the trip!

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