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Spring Break 2021 and we found a way to hit the road and have a safe family vacation! 

Mr. Serious found a rented a cabin (aka “chalet”) through The Dillard House. We had our own space and even our own rooms and bathrooms for less than the cost of two hotel rooms. Plus, we had a full kitchen and were able to bring and cook our own food. It was a great place to spend some time away!

We left home Monday morning and got to our first trail before lunch time. Our plan was to hike up to Rabun Bald on the trail. We had read some directions, but failed to either screen shot them or save them. Of course, there was no signal. 

We had both remembered reading to turn left. But, it was a second turn that we didn’t realize we were supposed to take to the right that had us going all wrong. 

by a waterfall mommy and me monday

It was supposed to be about 1.5 miles up, and at about 1 mile, we realized we still weren’t going up. We crossed some nice creeks and saw some water, but turned around at 1.6 miles and hiked back to the car and ate our packed lunches.

After lunch and on our way to the Chalet, we stopped at a scenic overlook to check out the views. Georgia mountains do not disappoint. It’s always impressive to me that we can drive 2 hours and have these views. 

scenic overlook georgia mountains mommy and me monday

We got to our chalet and decided to hang out the rest of the day there. 

Tuesday morning, the girls had to knock out 2 miles of hill running. I joined them and realized they are now much faster than me. 

They also were smart enough to pack a second pair of running shoes. I did not. 

Our shoes were absolutely drenched after running.

After getting ready, Mr. Serious and I made a trip into the next town to grab a pair of no-name shoes so I wouldn’t have swamp feet for the rest of our day. 

We got back, cooked lunch and then it was time to go horseback riding! 

As it turns out, I am the only one that had ridden a horse before, so it was quite the experience. The girls really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to plan something for our family.

horseback riding

Of course, it took a little bit for our legs and rears to recover!

horseback riding mommy and me monday

After our hour ride, Mr. Serious really wanted to right the wrong that we made and take the correct turn! He wanted to hike up to the top of Rabun Bald to catch the 360 view! Only N and B wanted to join us, so the other two stayed back and had some more chill time. 

The girls and I had previously hiked around Warwoman Dell so it was cool to see that the trails were attached if we wanted to take them. 

sign on the Rabun Bald Trail mommy and me monday

The hike was almost straight up for the full 1.6 miles, but I guess you could say the view was worth it! Whew. It was a hike. One day, we’ll actually get some hiking sticks!

Top of Rabun Bald Trail Mommy and Me Monday

Wednesday we planned another hike. This time to Angel Falls and Panther Falls. (We wanted to do Minnehaha Falls, but the road was closed).

B spotted this tree and said we needed a family picture. It sure was a great idea. We are getting really good at propping phones up on nearby sticks, trees and backpacks!

our family on a downed tree mommy and me monday

Angel Falls and the next one up the same hike Pather Falls were just as amazing as last summer. I’m glad we were able to have Mr. Serious with us this time!

angel falls georgia mommy and me monday

After that hike, it was time for some hanging out and walking around the chalet. With a campfire and grill set up, you bet we had some s’mores and the girls had some ice cream, too.

sillyfaces at dillard house chalet mommy and me monday

And after double desserts, we are guaranteed to take some silly face pictures!

We had the perfect amount of time away and the perfect amount of time home to enjoy a full week away from work and school. 

What did you do this week?

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