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Saturday, I turned 40. Might as well just put it out there and start with it. 

A brand new decade. Not feeling too much over 39, but I think that’s the way it works. There’s definitely more wrinkles and grey hair, but this is where I’m at, right?

The oldest two had a track meet about an hour away. So, I set an alarm and woke up early because they wanted me to open present before we left for the meet. Sleeping in on my birthday? HAHAHAH!

After opening some of my presents from the girls and Mr. Serious, there were 40 carefully picked gifts from my sister and her family. They are the best gift-givers.

Then, it was time to grab a picture with these kiddos and run out the door to the meet.

40th birthday mommy and me monday with the girls

Except, I went and looked outside. Mr. Serious got our yard carded! This was definitely a surprise. And ALL of the neighbors loved it, too.

40th birthday mommy and me monday yard sign with the girls

Yep, he put my age out there for everybody! So, who has some fun ideas for him come August??? I need something GOOD!

yard sign with mr serious

Okay, then we really did make the hour long trip for the track meet.

The oldest participated in the 400m and the 4x400m relay, both races had her at about 1:09. Her relay team placed third and she took home a metal. It was good for them to have some healthy competition. 

N ran the 3200m and the 800m races and beat her goal times for both races! This was the last meet of the full season and the oldest will be heading to state this weekend.

I was “coach mom” with another mom making sure the kids were warmed up, had their numbers and ready for their races. It keeps me busy during the races and engaged with the kids, which I enjoy…even if I have to tell them to clean up a couple times. 

N has really found her love of baking and planned out THREE cakes for my birthday. She asked some questions (do you like chocolate or vanilla more?) and gave me a shopping list. Here’s what she came up with left-to-right.

Oh, they are all gluten and dairy-free, too!

Alternating vanilla and chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting layers. Covered in vanilla buttercream and sanding sprinkles and topped with chocolate ganache.

Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream layers. The outside was splotched with colored buttercream to give it a fun colorful effect and topped with buttercream roses.

Chocolate cake with german chocolate cake filling (coconut and pecan) and a chocolate ganache filling for support. Then covered in chocolate ganache and colored vanilla buttercream stripes. 

my three cakes mommy and me monday

Her creativity and ability to pull these off is not lost on me. She explained how she had to cool them and do the layers in just the right way, for example so the sprinkles would still stick, but the ganache would solidify. Wow! Just wow!

You can see the layers and insides here. She did such an amazing job keeping them all level.

I go back and forth, but the german chocolate cake is my favorite I think…but I do love the peanut butter buttercream, too!

inside of 40th birthday cakes mommy and me monday

And, one more group shot with my girls post-race day! Look at those sunburns. We all forgot to actually apply sunscreen and we are paying for it!

mommy and me monday 40th balloons with girls

The girls and my family spoiled me! But, I’m glad I only turn 40 once!

What did you do this week?

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