A much needed main bedroom upgrade


It’s been a slow process of updating our main bedroom. We needed a bedroom upgrade.

It was mauve when we bought the house and stayed mauve until last Mother’s Day when Mr. Serious and the girls painted it for us. For anybody counting, that’s about 13 years!

Now it’s so much lighter and brighter and feels more modern.

old bedroom with ikea bedding

Even when we got a new mattress and bed, we left the wall colors the same.

The Bed:

I had been looking at a new bed for a while because I was tired of the dark headboard and fighting getting the sheets on the bed.

As it turns out, the bed was trying to be replaced, too. When I went to try to help with moving the bed for the painting process, we pulled a little too hard and the bed snapped.

Thankfully, since I had been looking I knew that I wanted a Thuma Bed. Things can go under it easily and it’s so easy to put together. It took us less than 5 minutes to put together and most of that was getting it out of the box.

The Bedding:

After a few months keeping the IKEA bedding (which I still really love), Society6 reached out and offered to send us some bedding to try.

It was really great timing because I had actually already purchased a comforter from Society6 (Ewww, David) so I had been on their website and found some things I wanted to add to my wish list.

I wanted to add even more white and bright to our room, with just a little subtle decoration or geometric shapes. This is what Mr. Serious and I landed on.

new king bedding from society6

The Duvet cover  in king is called Sunburst moonlight silver on white duvet cover. It fit nicely over my duvet we had under our quilt. This is the synthetic fabric, but Society6 now has a cotton version. I really want to try that out.

At first, I thought we’d do matching shams, but I worried, matching pillow shams would be too much. So instead, I went with the coordinating Simply Drawn Stripes Moonlight Silver Pillow Sham in king.

And for a nice pop, a matching Sunburst Moonlight Silver on White Throw Pillow.

Society6 has everything you could possibly need from shower curtains to rugs to wall decorations to bedding.

B’s bedding upgrade

We also got a couple bedding items for B’s bed for her birthday. She was the only kid in our house that had hand-me-down bedding.

unicorn yoga bedding from society6

When I saw the Unicorn Yoga Comforters with rainbow hair, I knew she would love it! And she did. She immediately wanted to make her bed.

And naturally, when I saw the B MONOGRAM (WHITE & PINK) Pillow Sham it was a no-brainer to get them for our B!

Have you upgraded your bedroom or anything in your house lately? Being home so much lately, we’ve wanted to change all the things. This is a nice way to do it without making huge changes that take a ton of time.

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