Upgrading to a King with Nectar Mattress Review and American Blossom Linens Review | How to get the Best Sleep + Discount [VIDEO]


Sleep…we spend  1/3 of our adult lives doing it. Or we should. But, I’m thinking for most adults, we are guilty of not spending enough time getting good sleep and resting our bodies. If you add to the “adult” title that you are a parent, I’m sure sleep is even more elusive at times. Don’t lose me now, keep reading for our Nectar Mattress Review or you can hop over and see the Nectar Mattress Unboxing and Review Video.

How to get the Best Sleep | Nectar Mattress Review

For the past almost 14 years, we’ve had a Queen-sized bed. It has worked for us, and we had recently even purchased a new mattress. Maybe something changes in your mid-to-late 30s and your sleep changes because we were waking each other up with arms flailing, cold toes and more.

If video is more your thing, check out my Nectar Unboxing and Review on Youtube, or scroll down in this post.

The Queen Before Picture

The Queen bed setup we had be rocking for almost 14 years in our bedroom.

After visiting family and sleeping in a double bed together and then a king, I knew it was time to make a change to help us sleep better. I had actually come home with the idea to upgrade to a king and Mr. Serious wasn’t quite sold on it. He said “we’ll be so far apart.” To which I replied, “GOOD!” Being one to not like to be snuggled aka smothered when falling asleep, the distance didn’t bother me. Plus, we could meet in the middle.

Nectar Mattress

So, when an opportunity came up to review and receive a Nectar Mattress, I was excited to plan for that king upgrade we had been talking about. Once our mattress shipped, it was here in 2 days! I missed the FedEx guy uploading it, but it was left on our driveway/at the garage door. It ships at about 90lbs. Between the order being placed and it shipping, I found a king sized bed frame and foundation for my base layer and purchased them so when the mattress arrived, I was ready to set it up.

Nectar King Mattress

The arrival

It arrives in a very clearly marked blue drawstring back with NECTAR printed on it. Pro tip: before carrying it upstairs or into a room, remove the packing bag. And you will likely need scissors to open the drawstring. There is a bag inside of this one with handles on it! You’ll see it in the video, too! I thought if I took the blue bag off, I’d have to worry about the mattress unrolling as I carried it up the stairs.

Getting the mattress upstairs

My 11 year old daughter and I carried it upstairs and Mr. Serious and I set it up on the new King bed frame and foundation that I purchased as set up with the 11 year old. You can see the “unboxing” in the video or scroll down below.

The “unboxing”

Once we had the memory foam mattress out of its traveling bag, and it’s carrying bag, it was time to cut open the plastic and let the bed expand on the foundation. I was super impressed to find a cutter perfect for opening the plastic bag without cutting the mattress. The previous memory foam mattress we purchased didn’t come with one of these which had us struggling to open it without cutting the mattress. Even though I refer to this as a bed in a box and unboxing, it doesn’t actually arrive in a box.

Super handy mattress opening blade

In just a few minutes, the mattress was completely opened and no longer compressed. The pillows seemed to take a few minutes longer, but before I knew it, they were also fully expanded. The pillows are full of recycled memory foam bed material and therefore can be opened to reduce the amount of filling and how heavy the pillows are. I would say they ship very firm, but it’s an easy adjustment to make them how you like them.

nectar pillow right after opening the package

Then all we had to do was make up the bed and we were ready for sleep! I lucked out finding a bed that was pretty similar to the one that we had, but if you look at the windows, you can see just how much more bed we have (and how small my picture looks!)

nectar pillow right after opening the package

The Nectar Mattress Review

We’ve been sleeping on the bed for a few weeks now. The bed is slightly softer than our old memory foam mattress. At first, Mr. Serious had reservations because he tends to like a “firmer” mattress, but he’s come to find he really likes this one. I like the Nectar Mattress as I’m drawn to a slightly softer mattress. It quickly takes your shape, but also also bounces back quickly. It feels sturdy and there doesn’t seem to appear to be any hills or valleys where the mattress dips or sits up higher.

I find that I’m getting into bed earlier at night so I can enjoy the bed more before going to sleep which is a good thing. I’m constantly up too late, so a mattress that calls me to bed is a win.

In fact, during the afternoon and evening, I will often find a kiddo or two lounging on our bed because they think it’s so cozy. I’m pretty sure when it’s time for new mattresses for them, a Nectar Mattress will be in order. And, I don’t mind the morning snuggles because there is plenty of room for them to get in without putting their cold little hands on me (are my kids the only ones that do that on purpose?).

morning kid snuggles in nectar mattress

Having a bed where those cold feet won’t wake us up is great, but it’s also important to take other steps to getting good sleep!

I was worried about the edge support as that is a common concern with memory foam mattresses. However, I didn’t have any concerns once testing it out. I was fully supported sitting just on the edge of the bed as Nectar was built for consistent and firm support edge to edge.

What kind of sleeping positions is Nectar Best For?

The crazy and cool thing about Nectar mattresses is that they are optimized or comfort and support for side sleepers,  stomach sleepers and back sleepers. I’m betting almost anybody would find a Nectar Sleep Mattress to be super comfortable.

How to get the best sleep

You’ll find these tips to be very similar to these 5 simple sleep tricks for kids.

Guided Meditation and Relaxation Breathing – There are some great apps for this and downloads, too.

Exercise – Those endorphins really do help keep you healthy and help you fall asleep faster.

Noise Machine – We have at least one white noise machine working in our house every night. It’s amazing what it covers up!

Essential Oil – Lavender running in a diffuser smells amazing and helps to relax us.

Cool, Dark Room – Did you know your brain likes it cool and dark? Those night lights and a warm room make it a lot harder to sleep.

Consistent bedtime and wakeup time – This is the hardest, but most important. Most of us do it for our kids, why don’t we do it for ourselves?

Turn off the devices – Yep, those screens confuse our brains. At the very least, put your phone in night mode to help your eyes and brains.

Weighted blanket – A weighted blanket is a trusted tool for improving sleep quality and relieving anxiety. 

layla weighted blanket

Layla’s hugging blanket gives Deep Touch Pressure (DTP), a gentle pressure across your body that feels like a warm hug. 

The top side of the weighted blanket is made of plush, soft, mink-like fur. The other side is 300 thread-count 100% cotton that provides a clean, soft, and easily washable surface. Featuring hexagon pocket stitching, the Layla Weighted Blanket makes your bed look as good as it feels.

layla weighted blanket folded

Layla’s weighted blanket was deemed the most versatile weighted blanket for 2020″ by GoodHousekeeping.

layla weighted blanket rolled

Have enough room to sleep / Comfy place to sleep – Our Nectar Mattress has really upped our space and comfort. Wanting to get in bed everyday is something new for me, so it might help you, too if you haven’t explored a new mattress recently.

Why Nectar Mattresses

Nectar offers free shipping and returns if necessary. They also have a full 365 night home trial period and if you don’t like it, you can send it back after a full year. Of course, I even went and read mattress reviews to see what other people were thinking and almost everybody was loving their Nectar. I even messaged a friend that I knew that had one to see if she was still loving it months later. Spoiler alert: she was and is!

And, a forever warranty should you have to use it! Not to mention it’s very comfortable for us! Plus, there is no motion transfer. When Mr. Serious gets up before I do, I don’t even feel the bed moving.

nectar mattress with bed made

This photo makes me realize we need more pillows!

About Nectar Mattresses:

Nectar makes their mattresses from quality materials without using any ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead; after all you spend about a third of your life in bed, so it should be comfortable.

The top layer is a tencel cooling cover. This is the layer that makes sure the bed and you aren’t sleeping hot. Because that’s the worst. This is going to keep air moving, moisture away and prevent bed bugs.

The second layer is the quilted gel memory foam. This is your comfort layer that contours your body.

The third layer is gel memory foam for distributing weight and relieving pressure and pain points.

The fourth layer is adaptive hi-core memory foam. This layer supports your body and provides rebound and bounce.

The fifth and final layer is a breathable base layer. This is the layer that reinforces all of the contouring and support layers, so you have a stable, breathable foundation.

Sheets that fit Nectar, Dream Cloud and other thicker (15″) mattresses:

These American Blossom Linens natural sheets are a dream to sleep on (see what I did there). They are delicate, soft breathable, lightweight and so very comfortable. ABL’s classic sheets are made in the USA ethically and sustainably with 100% West Texas Organic American Cotton and get softer with every wash. Made with a percale weave, they are woven to last a lifetime, provide a great feel to your skin and give a unique sense of style to your bedroom.

American blossom sheets wrapped

Created for sleepers (naturally), American Blossom Linens are sustainable, luxurious, and locally made. Their sheets are crafted lovingly in Georgia by experts who have been making bed sheets for over 115 years.

In addition to sheets sets in twin, full, queen, king, California king, spit king, American Blossom Linens also has duvet sets in full/queen and king, pillowcase sets and a crib sheet. With deep 16″ pockets and wider, stronger encased elastic from North Carolina they will fit modern bed in a box foam mattresses, traditional spring and foam mattresses and most importantly, stay put. With “Top or Bottom” labels, you will have visual cues to help you place the fitted sheet without problems. And the top sheets are considerably larger in both the width and length which will insure a secure tuck, top to bottom and side to side.

american blossom sheets natural on king bed made

American Blossom Linens are luxury, but fairly priced because they are sold direct to the consumer. They come in natural (unbleached in the warm beige shade) or white with free shipping and a 2 year risk free trial.

You will be able to tell a difference when you lay and sleep on these sheets. As a huge perk, they vary the number and size of pillow cases depending on the sheet set you order.

  1. Twin set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and 1 standard pillowcase.
  2. Full Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases
  3. Queen set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and 4 standard  pillowcases
  4. King, Split King and Cal King sets include flat sheet, fitted sheet (2 for Split) and 4 king size pillowcases

Grab some luxury soft, 100% cotton sheets from American Blossom Linen and enjoy your breathable sheets!

Give your sheets and/or your pillow a light spray of the Lavender Sleep Mist will have you nodding off to sleep in no time. Slumber’s Sleep Mist is All-Natural and Handmade Lavender Sleep.

Check out our unboxing and review video:

Are you ready to upgrade to a new mattress? If so, check out Nectar and let me know what you think! Did our Nectar Mattress Review help you decide or did you go with another brand like Tuft and Needle or DreamCloud?

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  1. Grandma Pat says:

    Delivered to your house via FedEx. That’s the way to go. This looks really comfortable.

  2. Cold and dark. that’s why I like my Vornado Fan! It makes the room filled with white noise and plenty of circulation.

  3. I have to have my room comfy. If I’m cold I wake up too much. I sleep longer when it is warm.

    1. Oh, I should have said cool…not cold. It shouldn’t be too cold, but when it’s like 80 studies have shown that you won’t get as good of a night’s sleep.

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