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Mr.  Serious has been traveling for work a lot the past month, so the schedule has been a bit off. Monday night, I went to do my HIIT workout and the oldest asked if she could join me. Sure…I think it was a bedtime stall tactic (the other three were in bed), but I let her join in. This dirty dozen workout was a great one for her to do as it was pretty quick and I could easily coach her through the moves. She did half with me after walking for a bit on the treadmill, so we stopped to grab a picture. Then, it was off to bed. 

mommy and me monday in the gym with the oldest

I’m all for encouraging our girls to workout with us when they ask. But, I don’t think it’s good to push them or tell them they need to workout or exercise. But, if they come to love it like I do, I’ll be pretty thrilled. Sometimes they join for half a workout, sometimes they join for one exercise. We try to encourage and excite as much as we can. 

Tuesday, Mr. Serious made it home a little early, so we got our workout done before dinner which is always a nice treat. What made it even more possible was that N, our 11 year old got dinner ready for the family (with some help from her sisters). So, we asked her to come outside and hop in our flexing picture! I think it’s safe to say she was glad to get in the picture…and she was glad to do dinner, too. The gym is my happy place and the kitchen is hers!

mommy and me monday in the gym with mr serious and n

We had a weekend visitor (Grammi) and it was nice having no plans and just enjoying company and however the weekend went. Sunday after church, Grammi and I went and had our ears pierced (and hers re-pierced). When we got home, we hung out on the couch and watched some (what I think is terrible) TV. But the teen loves is and I’m sure that all adults thought the same about my teen TV selections.

I thought it would be good to stop and capture it….she even shared my heated blanket with me. 

couch chilling with the oldest

The one photo opportunity I missed was dancing in the kitchen with E and B. I started with E and once B saw us dancing together, she asked to have a turn, too. It was nice to have just a simple, stress-free, not-planned moment with them that they really enjoyed.

It doesn’t take fancy trips, or planned out elaborate days to find the joy and enjoy each other’s company. 


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