Summer Family Fun with Nintendo Switch


Thank you to Nintendo for providing many of the items for this post, Summer Family Fun with Nintendo Switch. We also like to give our money to Nintendo, too!

Our family enjoys many games and activities on our Nintendo Switch. With so many of them able to have 2 or more players, it’s a great way for us to all play together.

Nintendo Summer Fun Activities

Some of them even allow for our entire family of 6 to play together. Needless to say, it can be loud here! We have quite a few family favorites and we are adding to our list always. 

Some of the games are only for one player at a time, but can still be made into a fun family experience, too. 

playing Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Nintendo Summer Activity Calendar

This summer, Nintendo put together a Summer Activity Calendar packed with fun Nintendo activities the whole family can enjoy. From family dance offs with Just Dance 2021 or a family photo scavenger hunt in your yard that is inspired but New Pokémon Snap, there is sure to be some great family fun to be found.

Summer Family fun with Nintendo Switch and more

And while this calendar says June on it, the activities definitely can be played on any day of the week. If you want to have your own copy, click on the picture and grab the pdf version. 

A little Super Mario Monopoly is always good fun…we just had pizza before!

playing Monopoly Super Mario Celebration

Super Fun Nintendo Switch Family Activities

In addition to the calendar, Nintendo sent a handful of fun ways to experience Nintendo Switch games as a family. This is not just playing the game, but finding unique ways to play and make it a family activity. 

Check out the activities by clicking on the picture below to grab them all:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Battle Mode Medley


Screen-free family summer family fun with Nintendo Switch-free activities

You can also take your Nintendo fun away from the screen with Aquabeads Animal Crossing : New Horizons Character Set which allowed the girls to create a ton of different Animal Crossing characters.

Animal Crossing Water Beads

Or have fun with stickers with the Super Mario Official Sticker Book. Yes, we love stickers here and will use an activity book all day long. In fact, sticker and activity books make for good car fun on road trips.

Super Mario Official Sticker Book

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  1. Mr. Serious says:

    Nintendo is more fun together!

  2. Lindsey G. Paris says:

    Our favorite switch game to play together is unraveled or overcooked (though it’s really hard!!!)

    1. We are big fans of overcooked! I’ll have to check out unraveled.

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