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Story time: 11 years ago I ended up in the emergency room (sent by the doctor) with a really bad case of the flu. I don’t know of a time that I felt more sick. It was really awful. My heart rate was 180 bpm when I arrived. 

If I can prevent that, or decrease our chances of that, I will. 

Our hospitals are on diversion for ambulance and emergency rooms with a lot of cases from Cov!d, RSV and the flu already. So, avoiding the hospital is key just for the flu, but add in that we could potentially have to drive hours to find a hospital if we need it.

All that to say, we spent an hour Sunday getting all of us vaccinated for the flu. 

Previously, we were all able to go to Publix and they would do the entire family, but this year, they changed to 13 and up. So, we headed to CVS. The under 13 crew went to the Minute Clinic and us older 3 hit up the pharmacy. 

They weren’t super thrilled with the idea of a “shotter” but big sister distracted them with silly selfies and mom and dad promised their own candy choice. 

girls ready for flu shots

Daddy and the oldest went to the pharmacy and got situated.

daddy and oldest flu shots 2021

I got the younger girls signed in with the Minute Clinic. Mr. Serious and the oldest were done with theirs before the other three girls got called in. 

I like to call this “not thrilled and trepid reservation, but trusting our parents.”

mommy and me momday flu shot 2021

Mr. Serious came and switched out so I could go to pharmacy and get my flu shotter. (Thankfully…I usually handle all of their appointments, so it was a welcome change that he was in the room with these goofy girls.)

While I waited for the pharmacist, I couldn’t help but notice this sign for the flu season (well, technically this last season, I guess?). Georgia is fun.

flu stats georgia 2021

What did you do this week?

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  1. So glad that you are promoting getting the Flu shot. It is so important that our hospitals can focus on Covid.

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