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When the oldest had her bus ride-along day, I had a baby at home. And, then again with the second. But now, that first baby I mentioned has gone and grown up on me and she’s ready for kindergarten.

I’m ready. We are ready. Right?

When I was reading about the ride-along this year, I told Mr. Serious I would be doing it with E and that he needed to stay home with the other three. Thankfully, he was good with the idea.

E and I headed out to the stop Friday morning. We got there early and the oldest insisted on hanging out with us. Which was good because she grabbed some pictures.

Bus ride-along mommy and me monday

And then got in the picture too! Those odd-sies are cute!

Bus ride-along mommy and me monday

And then we waited. And waited. And called transportation. And waited. And called the elementary school. And waited.

And 35 minutes late, the bus finally showed up. Apparently the driver’s bus broke down, so he had to get a back up bus. Not very good for the days before school starting.

Then we got on the bus and did the bus route. We scooped up two other kindergarteners (who had started walking home..because 35 minutes late, so they ran to the bus).

But first, let’s take a selfie.

Bus ride-along mommy and me monday

You can’t see her snaggle-tooth on the bottom, but it’s driving me crazy. So, I’m predicting that she eats it at school during lunch tomorrow and let’s me help her pull the next one!

We made it to the elementary school, the driver introduced himself, and then we headed back home.

After E, there’s only one more first bus ride…I think I’ll cry for that one!

What did you do this week?

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