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Bedtime with a two year old can be a challenging time. We find it’s best when she’s given choices that she thinks she’s making.

“Do you want to brush your teeth first or mommy?”

“Do you want mommy to pick a book or you to pick one?”

“What song do you want to sing?”

Nobody likes an upset two screaming two year old. Amiright?

Since it was just E and me at bedtime while the bigs were AWANA, I let her do a little more. “Want to take a picture for mommy?”


And so it was.

Mommy and e

Book selection “Where the Wild Things Are” which happens to be one of my favorites! I was glad she picked that one!

Mommy and e reading

Do you have tips or tricks for keeping your wild thing a little less wild?

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  1. I always loved reading Where the Wild Things Are to my boys when they were little. Now sometimes they read it to me 🙂

  2. My 3 year old can tire me out while I’m trying to tire her out!
    Some days I enjoy when she doesn’t nap because she’s half-asleep right after dinner! Makes the bedtime routine a whole lot easier!

  3. We give choices too. That and just stick to a predictable bedtime routine. 🙂 PS Love that book!

  4. Choices are such an important reminder when mom and dad are tired and cranky from a long day. It’s so easy to get caught up in bedtime drama, especially around here. Our tip would be to have a lot of contests – first one upstairs, first one to brush their teeth, first on in their jammies, etc. My kids love a contest! And in the end, we’re all winners.

  5. Oh how I hear ya! We have lucked out with #3 as long as we stick to a choice between only two things. And both are the right answer;) With my first two the bedtime shenanigans were out of control and I remember being so incredibly exhausting. Generally those choices between two things were our best friend. Hugs to you. You’re in the thick of it. Mama high five comin’ at you!

  6. The choices and sense of ownership
    are always so important even as they get older. That and boundaries that get tested year after year are so important. Also so tiring!

  7. Where the Wild Things is such a wonderful story! What a great choice! One of the things I remember learning as a preschool teacher was to give kids choices- but only 2 choices! That way they feel empowered but you’re still in control! 😉

  8. You have got to have the cutest little things ever. Those girls are just precious each in their own way.

    And to think I remember when there was only 2. I love’em!


  9. Our youngest still loves choosing whether or not she or dad will pick out her bedtime stories 🙂 It’s the little things.

  10. I wish we had more less wild…. lol… he has a million excuses each night — and different ones too. water, another book, a different bedtime story, he needs to tell me something from school, he needs to ask about something… always something…

  11. Bedtime is exhausting. We’ve had the same bedtime routine for the past 11+ years and yet the kids still act like they had NO IDEA they were supposed to brush their teeth or go to the bathroom.

  12. pat chance says:

    I love Kat’s response. same routine for 11 years and the kids still act like they don’t know. I have seen your kids in bedtime action and I think they are great. You have done a very good job.

  13. I wish I had tips to help my wild thing be less wild, but that ain’t happening. By the end of the day he’s beaten me and my wife into a pulp that being smart and creative is out the window.

  14. We usually get them calmed down by educational apps on the tablets, reading to them, and we also like to get them ready for a bed a little but before they actually lay down.

  15. i adore her. seriously. the hair mostly. adorable!!

  16. Such cute memories! That one scares one of my kiddos too much. But I love it. 🙂

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