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This was the last full week of school. The kids are pretty much done with their distance learning. It’s now time to wrap things up, finish projects and pick up their items from school. Truth? I’m not looking forward to that. I suspect there will be a lot of emotions.  

We had one last activity bag pickup for the kids from church. The girls have all gone with Mr. Serious or myself in some capacity each week, but I wanted to make sure all of them went for the last pickup. Thankfully, Teams calls and other meetings worked perfectly. 

And, they grabbed pictures for us, too. Bonus!

drive through church pick up with oldest

Don’t worry. We were fully parked and the kids got buckled back before I drove again. They all wanted to see the youth leader’s face and the leaders wanted to see them, too. 

And sometimes bears come with us in the car, too. 

drive through car pick up with kids

We had a social distancing hang out with a neighbor outside. The kids chalked and the parents sat on the deck and enjoy another neighbor’s dance party. We got too many mosquito bites and stayed out too late. So, of course B couldn’t walk the 4 houses home. I’m glad Mr. Serious captured the moment…and movement.

quarentine walking home

Sunday, I was procrastinating something. What, I don’t know? Just laying in bed on top of the covers. N decided to come and join me. I’m pretty sure she was waiting for her cupcakes to cool and to make her peanut butter frosting. (Highly recommend).

procrastinating with N

We are trying to figure out a fun way to “celebrate” the end of the school year…but coming up with basically zero ideas. Yes, some things are opening back up here now, but we are still being pretty cautious, I guess, so, not really interested in checking out a super crowded public place. 


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  1. LOVED seeing y’all each week at Family Faith Kit Drive-thru! Now we prepare for June & July Family Drive-in services on Thursday evenings. Thank you for your faithful sharing with families how to share this season with healthy movement, healthy growth, healthy care, and healthy hope.

  2. Love reading your blogs and i have learnt so much as a mom from you, also as a mom i know getting to know what’s best for your little one can be challenging and i have been reading so much, the credit goes to your content.

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