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What I didn’t know until I became a mom [VIDEO]



Moms need and deserve to be celebrated. It’s a tough gig with terrible hours and bosses with interesting demands and temperaments. And, they require meals three times a day, plus snacks!

Boom goes your heart

But, being a mother is the best job in the world that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And, I will wear my Mo-Th-Er shirt proudly all of the days. Even if some of them are radioactive and/or manmade.

Periodic Table Mother Shirt

Before I was a mom, I knew all of the things but in reality, I knew nothing.

Beech-Nut was at Mom 2.0 last week and asked us to record our version of #realmomsknow on video and share! They are bringing out the sentimental, thankful side of some while inspiring others to laugh and apologize for their trouble-causing past. I didn’t cause any trouble ever, right mom?

Being a moma.jpg

What is something I didn’t know about motherhood until I became a mom?

Now that I’ve shared my #realmomsknow video, check out these amazing moms’ stories recored by Beech-Nut, but first grab your tissues, because you are certain to relate to at least one of them:


“Looking back after having a baby, I wish I had shown my mom a little bit more appreciation.” Motherhood makes you truly thankful for moms. Share with the moms in your life. #RealMomsKnow

Posted by Beech-Nut on Monday, May 4, 2015

Ariel, Fabiola. These are all real moms telling their real stories!

Want to join in?

-Create your own videos and share with the hashtag #realmomsknow!

-Not a video person? Share your own stories about what you learned when you first became a mom with the hashtag #realmomsknow. I want to know!

-Share my video or one of the three moms’ stories above with your followers to celebrate moms this Mother’s Day!

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What is something you didn’t know until you became a mom? Leave me a comment and let me know! Not a mom? Maybe you learned something from a sister, friend or even your mom!


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  1. I too knew all the things before becoming a mom. Love how that changes to none of the things so quickly!

  2. I never thought I knew it all but I did know I wanted to be a mom before I knew what career I was leaning towards. I love all these Beech Nut videos. They tug at your hearts strings.

  3. I didn’t know how much of difficult, exhausting, ecstatic, rewarding, overwhelming job this really was. Truthfully, my first kiddo made it seem so easy. It’s the addition of the second and the third that shows me how hard I work at being the best mom I can for them all.

  4. You heart does grow, thank goodness. that photograph of the 5 of you is gorgeous. I hope you’ve framed it!

  5. I thought I knew what kind of mom I would be … different from my mom (even though she was great and I love her). But most days, I feel like I fail. I think, ‘How are these boys going to grow up to be functional humans?!’ I am so much different than the mom I thought I would be.

  6. I wanted to be the kind of mom that I have. She is so much more patient than I am so most days I fall short (or at least I feel that I do). You have a beautiful family, Krystyn!

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