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The girls go back to school in exactly 1.5 weeks. Yes, August 1st! That’s insane, right? But at the same time, I think we are all ready to get back to our routine. The bigs were out of town for a couple extra days, so we spent some time this last week all together. We headed to The American Girl store with friends Meghan and Lindsey to get all of all American Girl Dolls and Wellie Wishers some much needed hair-dos courtesy of American Girl Salon.

American Girl Doll Salon

Getting to the American Girl Store

We arrived to our local American Girl store about 15 minutes before opening, which gave us plenty of time to take some pictures. (Find your nearest store!)

American Girl Store Boutique and Bistro

And naturally, do some window shopping with several other families that were also waiting for the store to open (cue lady with hands in front of the door saying “open, open, open!”)

We brought Tenney, Luciana, Gabrielle, Nanea and Z Yang with us. Lindsey brought her original Samantha and Meghan’s girls brought their Luciana and Wellie Wisher Willa.

wanting all the things at american girl

Upon Arrival

Once we were inside, we found our wait to the Doll Hair Salon and chatted with some associates. It turns out, it’s best to make an appointment (scroll down the page) for your American Girl’s Doll Hair Salon experience. Fortunately, they were able to fit us in, but the waiting gave us some time to take a bunch of pictures with all of our girls and all of our American Girls. Some of them needed more help with their hair then others.

american girl store

Picking a style

Whether or not you have an appointment, you will need to consult with the associates to see the style book. The girls had fun trying to decide which hairstyle they would pick for their American Girl. When you do this, pay attention to the style of hair your doll has (straight, textured, long, short, etc) as this determines which hairstyle you can pick from. Also, if there are hairstyles for named dolls, only those dolls can have those styles.

american girl salon picking a hair style

Depending on the style and your doll, the cost is around $10-$25 per doll hairstyle.

Once the style is decided, you let the store know your name, your dolls name and the hairstyle you’d like for your doll to have. Then, when it’s your dolls turn, they get to styling the hair.

american girl salon

Styling the hair

This was crazy to us. The only thing they stray on the American Girl’s hair is water. Just a basic spray bottle with water. And we were told we can do the same thing at home too. They also suggested the metal American Girl Hairbrush for girls for the big tangles as well as an inexpensive toothbrush for smoothing out their hair.

Nanea's new do

My girls were able to pick out two ribbon colors to go with the hairstyle they chose, which made them all able to customize their hair even more.

american girl hair styling at the doll hair salon

In no time at all, Tenney’s tangled locks were tamed and styled into a full waterfall style braid complete with two ribbons. E was pretty happy with her choice.

Tenney's hair all done american girl salon

All of the girls were able to pick a fun new style for their American Girl doll and I was even able to give Gabrielle a new style with a simple ponytail.

american girl salon all finished

We had a great time checking out everything American Girl has to offer, too. The girls were obsessed with a snow cone hut and kept making us snow cones. For now, our job is to try to keep all of the American Girl’s hairstyles in place, but to be honest, our dolls get played with here, so I’m okay with them needing a new do in a few months. And now that we know what it takes to style them, we might practice more on their hair before practicing on a sister’s hair.

What did you do this week?

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